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59 percent of motorists noticed a digital billboard ad in the past month
Nielson 2016 Billboard Study

Don’t just Build Houses, Build Your Business

Today’s construction and home improvement professionals are turning to digital outdoor billboards as a way to connect with homeowners, DIYers, developers, land owners, landlords, and others who are in need of construction products or services. From roofing and landscaping to remodeling and painting, the construction industry offers many services that can (and should) be showcased to the public.

Because of their capability to easily change what is being shown, digital billboards are the perfect platform for building your business. As Construction Magazine Network points out, people quit paying attention to billboards if they continually show the same ad.

You likely have multiple services that you offer, and you shouldn’t have to cram all of those services into one advertisement. Instead, digital billboards allow you to change out what you are advertising. This not only keeps your message fresh, but it also ensures that the public is seeing the range of services that you supply.

By placing these ads on busy streets, drivers will think of you when they need your service. This prevents potential customers from turning to the internet or yellow pages and encountering your competitors.

“Have two or three different versions of ads for your company and change those signs out
every two or three weeks.”
- Brad Humphrey, author of “The Contractor’s Best Friend”

Showcase Your Services and Professionalism

While you’re getting immense exposure to the traffic crossing your billboard, this is a great opportunity to show off your brand. According to the Small Business Chronicle, reputation is the single most important aspect for the construction industry. By showcasing your strengths, your marketing strategy can act as a way of enhancing your reputation.

Brag about the years of experience you have. Show smiling photos of your staff in clean-cut uniforms. By highlighting your professionalism, consumers are more likely to feel as though they will receive high-quality service.

Ultimately, your billboard marketing shows customers that your services are worth paying for. They give you the opportunity to reach consumers who may be unfamiliar with your services, and help you establish a positive outlook from the get go.

This doesn’t just work for finding customers either. Looking to build your staff? Having professional, branded billboards can also help you to recruit new employees (including plumbers and electricians) interested in finding new career opportunities.

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“73% of construction professionals wanted to increase their branding efforts in 2015.”
- 2015 Construction Marketing Association Survey

Construct Your Ads with Cost Efficiency

According to the Construction Marketing Association, professionals in the construction and home improvement industries planned on increasing their advertising spending in 2015. But just because you may plan to spend more doesn’t mean that you can’t get more bang for your buck.

Digital outdoor advertising is popular because of its cost efficiency. Your billboards are busy working, even when you’re not. This allows you to connect with customers at all times day and night.

Too busy satisfying your current customers to dedicate the time you’d like to finding new customers? No problem. When you’re on the ladder, cleaning out gutters or applying a fresh coat of paint, your billboards are doing the marketing work for you.

The Perfect Tool for your Construction Advertising

Fliphound is the easy-to-use, affordable tool that your advertising toolbox is missing. With bright image capabilities, you have the platform to showcase your hard work to a large audience of possible customers.

Already using other marketing tactics? Let us show you how perfectly our billboards integrate into advertising campaigns to complement the marketing you’re already doing. Provide a consistent message across all of your advertising, and consumers will remember you in their time of need.

It just takes a few clicks to get started, and you don’t have to pay until you’re ready to purchase. You have the control over where your ads go, what they show and how often they are seen. Billboard advertising is now easier than ever!

  • Showcase

    Never stop showing the immense services you can provide to those in need.

  • Highlight Professionalism

    Showcase your experience and convince consumers of the quality of your work.

  • Integrate

    Provide a consistent message across all advertising as billboards compliment your media mix.

  • Never Stop Advertising

    Let billboards advertise when you don’t have the time to seek out customers on your own.

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