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59 percent of motorists noticed a digital billboard ad in the past month
Nielson 2016 Billboard Study

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There’s no question that out-of-home (OOH) advertising and entertainment were made for each other, and digital media -- including digital billboards -- is continuing that trend. Overall, digital advertising for entertainment and media surpassed $6 billion last year, an almost 19 percent increase from 2014. Forecasters see that growth continuing through at least 2019.

Surprisingly, the two segments -- which are hard to analyze separately -- still account for barely 10 percent of the digital advertising done in this country. However, where the media has been used, it’s been highly successful promoting everything from new video games to movie trailers. It’s no wonder that such ads are frequent OBIE award-winners or that among the top spenders on OOH advertising are movie studios such as 21st Century Fox, Paramount and Walt Disney, TV networks including NBC and FOX, and cable moguls such as Comcast, HBO and Time-Warner.

Sure, it’s easy to think digital advertising, including digital billboards, is only for those big-bucks clients with access to the creative forces available in New York and Hollywood. However, with Fliphound that isn’t the case. With a little creativity and even a modest budget, you’ll have the same ability to put a high-resolution image in front of drivers at locations of your choosing. Whether you’re promoting a community theater production, a small-market television station or a summer concert series give yourself some star power and go with digital billboards.

Digital Billboards Provide Impact and Engagement

With digital billboards playing such a large role in the promotion of entertainment and media options, plenty of studies have been done to determine just how much impact the boards have, whether it’s comparing them to other types of advertising or other forms of outdoor media, including street furniture (benches and kiosks) and bus ads.

A study done in Australia’s three largest cities involving digital billboards to promote “The Lego Movie” showed that the billboards produced four times more impact and engagement than street furniture, and up to six times more than other static advertising.

Digital billboards are also on the cutting edge of futuristic advertising that literally puts tomorrow’s advertising in front of consumers today. We are also seeing new innovations in outdoor advertising incorporating Beacons and NFC - or near-field communication -technologies. NFC, for example, allows users of roadside digital screens (think bus kiosks) to pre-book movie tickets and be part of larger marketing campaigns. Not only does this convert movies into their own brands, but that billboard is often the first piece of information many people see. Talk about standing out from the crowd.

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The Eyes Have It with Digital Advertising

A billboard campaign with Fliphound isn’t going to take you quite that far into the future. However, a huge advantage digital billboards can offer -- as was shown in the Australian study -- is that with digital advertising the message can be much more targeted to each audience and does a better job of “putting eyeballs” on billboard displays.

The greatest advantage to digital billboards is probably its flexibility. With Fliphound, you can find the best billboards for your particular message, and you don’t need an ad agency to create alternate messages that are relevant to a specific audience that’s going to see those boards. It’s a great way to maximize a campaign’s impact, and also gain deeper audience engagement.

If you’ve ever wondered how one of the world’s great venues advertises its events, it’s a no-brainer. The Times Square Alliance, the group that promotes annual events in New York’s Times Square, always uses digital billboards to sell its events, whether it’s something as well-known as its New Year’s Eve celebration, or something a little more under the radar, such as a Taste of Times Square or Times Square Art. They target the people who are already there, just as Fliphound reaches a captive audience that drives by every day.

Fliphound Shines a Light on What You’re Doing

Few things in life generate the excitement of a play, a concert, a sporting event, a local television production, nightlife in general. Each is separate and unique and it’s that uniqueness and excitement that Fliphound can help convey, for maximum impact. Digital billboards are the perfect medium for promoting your event, whether you’re spreading the word days in advance, reminding people the day of the event, or letting them know that tickets are still available for tonight’s concert.

Digital advertising already has a strong hold on the entertainment and media sectors and it’s time your event shares the spotlight. Out-of-home advertising is on 24/7 and can easily be integrated with social media campaigns, the internet or other advertising you’re using.

Fliphound’s nationwide independent digital billboard network makes reaching the audience you’re seeking easier than ever. Let Fliphound put your event in the spotlight. Our audience is the driving public, which is spending more time in their vehicles than ever before. Let us help you fill your audience, as well.

  • Publicity

    Entertainment and media already rely on digital billboards and so do their audiences. Join the crowd.

  • Impact And Engagement

    When it comes to entertainment, digital billboards get and keep people’s attention.

  • Target Marketing

    You can pick the locations of the billboards you use.

  • Multiple Messaging

    It’s so easy, you can do advanced promotions AND tell people about the availability of tickets the day of the event.

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