Outdoor Advertising and Billboards for Medical Marijuana Products & Services

Billboard viewers (83%) report that they look at the advertising message on a roadside or digital billboard either all, most, or some of the time
Nielson 2017 Report

Order Fliphound to influence cannabis CBD industry perception, market products, or services.

Outdoor advertising and digital billboards are an affordable marketing and advertising medium and tool that help cannabis (aka weed, pot, ganja, grass), Cannabidiol (CBD) vendors, medicinal marijuana dispensaries, medical professionals, manufacturers of THC infused products, and medical marijuana organizations grow retail sales, brand their businesses, and influence industry perception. Large format visually attractive billboard ads are a great way to make your brand, facility, or products recognizable by consumers locally and nationally.

Because of their capability to easily change what ad or message is being shown, digital billboards are the perfect outdoor advertising platform for medical professionals, medicinal dispensaries, web site, and business owners.

Want to promote a new facility, hire staff or roll out new products – look no further. Fliphound’s national online digital billboard network provides local, regional and national companies with a new tool to build your brand and business.

Leading drug store chain retailers including CVS and Walgreens and online companies like Amazon all are branding and selling CBD-infused topicals and products. As CBD infused products go mainstream leading vendors are using billboard advertising to get their messages out to consumers about the therapeutic properties of this powerful cure-all.

For creative inspiration and ad design ideas search Fliphound’s billboard ad and artwork gallery in Fliphound’s billboard artwork library and ad creative gallery .

The 2016 election year was great for the cannabis and medical marijuana industry, now 28 states allow medical marijuana use and 8 more have approved marijuana recreational use for adults over the age of 21. As you can image regulatory oversight into the use of marijuana and rules related to advertising and marketing cannabis and marijuana services and products are changing rapidly. Moreover, public opinion remains divided. At the Federal level, marijuana remains illegal and banned as a controlled substance. Certain states prohibit industry advertising, some have extensive restrictions, and others do not have any restriction so of you are considering outdoor advertising please look up your local and state rules (see resource links below for insight).


Fliphound Key To Branding, Building Awareness and Growing Your Market

Outdoor billboard advertising works and will help you get the word about your grand opening, new dispensary location, a new medical office, an updated website, new products or services. Outdoor and digital billboard advertising complement your web and social media marketing initiatives with local audience targeting.

One of the most-attractive things about using internet and social media advertising are their low cost and the ability to change messaging and postings at any time. Fliphound continues that trend and now gives business owners access to another, affordable and visual media format – digital billboards.

So of you are trying to find better expand your business, reach new consumer, promote new products or provide directions to your new dispensary consider using outdoor advertising.

Adding out-of-home (OOH) billboard advertising to your overall ad campaign can increase the reach of TV by 18%, Radio by 45%, Social Media 212% and Mobile 316%.

Many medical marijuana advertisers, their ad and public relations agencies and their marketing teams are regular users of outdoor advertising and digital billboards. Outdoor advertising and billboards are great for growing businesses that want to promote their brand, build awareness of your medicinal product lines, to recruit staff and promote local events because it works and is cost effective.

Out-of-home (OOH) is the lowest cost advertising medium click to see how it compares to TV, radio, and print.

Why Fliphound?

Unlike TV, radio or print, outdoor is media that cannot be turned off or put down. Outdoor advertising offers the perfect solution to reach these busy audiences while they are on the move. Drivers cannot turn on ad blockers or fast forward through an outdoor ad like they can with other mediums. The first step in any good advertising or marketing plan is getting people’s attention. Outdoor Advertising and Digital billboards do that. A well thought-out digital billboard campaign will not only get the attention of prospective customers and consumers, but make you stand out in their minds.

Still, relying on your SEO, Facebook or local online marketing will only take you so far, especially in the short run. Fliphound has taken today’s digital billboard technology and made it user-friendly to help attract your target audience and drive them to your website. Use Fliphound’s billboard cost and impact calculator to search by zip for outdoor advertising costs in 600+ cities.

A well-chosen graphic and your phone number or website address will put you in the consumer’s minds in a way that other forms of traditional advertising can’t. Develop your ads, then let Fliphound work with you to get your message exactly where you want it -- and when. To learn more, visit Fliphound.

  • Expand Your Reach

    Encourage people to visit your website or call your office.

  • Build Your Brand

    Create an image and get your name known.

  • Target Ads

    Choose specific neighborhoods, ZIP codes or cities.

  • Cost

    You set the budget.

Ready to get started?

It only takes minutes to get started, and you don't even need to enter your credit card until you're ready to buy! If you have any questions about Fliphound or Outdoor and Digital Billboard Advertising in general, don't hesitate to reach out. Additionally, if you're a an ad agency, SEO digital marketing firm, or business owner who is new to outdoor advertising, we recommend checking out the following very helpful resources to learn more about outdoor billboard advertising, get creative tips for billboard ads, and read billboard research or case studies:

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