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Fliphound Overview

Fliphound is the first automated on-line buying platform for billboards. From building your campaign, creating artwork, to making payments, and monitoring campaign effectiveness we make it easy to buy and execute billboard campaigns.


    Fliphound's growing billboard marketplace means you can get your advertising in front of thousands of customers.


    Change advertising on the fly to keep ads relevant and promote time-sensitive content.


    Advertisers can plan, execute and monitor ad campaigns in real-time. Start, pause, schedule, and budget campaigns however you like on any number of boards.


    Users can access pricing, impressions, CPM, GRP, traffic counts, audience demographics, and real-time campaign proof-of-performance data.

85+ percent of Fliphound advertisers are new to Out-of-Home advertising.
Fliphound User Data

Fliphound is your local online marketing partner and is available 24/7 365 days a year. Fliphound appeals to advertisers, agencies and digital strategists who want to include Out-of-Home (OOH) in their marketing campaigns and are already buying other forms of media online including digital, social and other media. Fliphound simplifies and streamlines the billboard ad buying process and is attractive to advertisers with budgets of any size.

Our team of advertising specialists and partnerships with billboard operators and sign companies in your area allow you to create and run powerful and affordable on-line advertising campaigns.

We give you the flexibility to change your ads at any time and the ability to assess your campaign's impact in your target local or national market.

Fliphound's experience is designed to make billboard advertising as easy as possible, while providing you flexibility to create a campaign that suits your needs and helps you reach the right audience at the right time.

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  • Addictively Easy

    Advertisers rave about buying billboards through Fliphound. It's never been easier to manage your campaign from a browser or mobile device. You may never go back to doing it the old way again.

  • Affordable Ads

    When it comes to affordable advertising, billboards are one of your best bets. At 1/3 the price of broadcast and 1/7 the cost of newspapers, billboards can help you reach your audience on a budget.

  • Unlimited Access

    From day one, you'll have full access to every digital sign or LED display in our marketplace. From pre-made campaign packages to boards available for real-time bidding and contracts, there is something for every advertiser.

  • Diversified Billboard Network

    With our network, you can spread your spend between dozens of billboards to saturate the market, or only target boards that satisfy your target market's demographic and locale.

  • Board Insights

    No need to spend days researching board information and statistics. We'll provide you everything you need to know to identify the perfect boards for your needs.

  • Expert Support

    Fliphound is your local on-line marketing partner. Whether you need help building a campaign, finding the right board, creating an ad, or determining which ad strategy will be most effective for your business, we're here for you.

How it Works

Fliphound provides several options for advertisers to execute ad buys: Packages, Real-Time Bidding, and Contracting. It is all about providing options and flexibility to advertisers and digital marketing experts. Advertisers can buy guaranteed impressions and set up campaigns using the Packages and Contracting functionality. Real-Time Bidding allows advertisers to bid for inventory and execute campaigns on demand in real-time.

We make the buying of outdoor advertising transparent and help you understand how much billboard ads cost. Each buying option provides functionality never available before to advertisers in the billboard industry.



    The easiest way to get started - simply choose the package that's right for you, select a start date, and upload the ads you want to run.
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    Allows advertisers to buy billboard inventory on demand subject to availability, pricing and other parameters. Real-time bidding provides incredible flexibility to advertisers who can adjust ad frequency, swap ads, activate day parting, and allows advertisers to start and pause their campaigns at any time.
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    View information and insights on hundreds of billboards. Find boards that you like? Just let us know and we'll put you in touch with their owners.
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    No need to spend hours researching rates, calculating impressions, and reviewing paper contracts. Simply select which boards you want, impressions needed, what you're willing to pay, and we'll prepare a contract and execute in a given market.


Fliphound makes purchasing based on strategy a simple point-and-click procedure.

Looking for guaranteed advertising buys and times? We offer a variety of package options that provide guaranteed ads buys for advertisers and can be scheduled in advance. Users can buy simple packages and display their ads on 1 or more billboards or LED signs for 1 day, 1 week, 2 week, or 4 weeks for example.

Fliphound also offers optimized packages that allow advertisers to execute certain ad strategies including targeted local advertising, ad blitzes, efficiency, cardinal points, or long-term branding.

Select a package that suits your needs and budget, upload your creative, swipe your credit card and the campaign goes live when it is scheduled.

Advertisers follow a simple process:

  1. Select start date and review packages available
  2. Filter options by strategy
  3. Select a package and purchase
  4. Upload creative for approval by Fliphound
  5. Board goes live when scheduled

Real-Time Bidding

If you need a more flexible campaign, you can make use of Fliphound's unique real-time bidding automated programmatic buying platform for non-guaranteed ad buys.

Advertisers can choose when your ads play by time of day, day of the week, and overall frequency. Set budget caps and end date limits to make sure your ads run at exactly the right times.

Get outbid? We've got you covered with SMS, Email or push on your mobile device. Need a break? With real-time bidding you can pause your bids at any time!

Billboard Directory Listing

Fliphound lets you easily browse hundreds of premium billboard and sign locations and inventory nationally, in key DMAs and MSAs, and print spec or one sheets for planning and budget approvals.

Each board's specs, photo, billboard cost and pricing, and sales information is listed, and insights on the board such as reach, GRP, CPM, and estimated impressions are all available, allowing you to find digital signage or the perfect billboards for your next advertising campaign.

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It only takes minutes to get started, and you don't even need to enter your credit card until you're ready to buy! If you have any questions about Fliphound or Billboard Advertising in general, don't hesitate to reach out.