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59 percent of motorists noticed a digital billboard ad in the past month
Nielson 2016 Billboard Study

Digital Billboards are “Driving” Customers to Auto Dealers

An increasing number of automotive dealers, service centers, and car companies are turning to outdoor advertising and digital LED billboards as a solution for marketing and advertising. Whether you are in the industry of selling cars, trucks, farm equipment, other commercial vehicles, or provide aftermarket services billboards have the potential to connect with millions of motorists who may be looking for a new vehicle, used car, or need service.

Where else can you find a better place to reach drivers and commuters with advertising than when they are on the road. Out-of-home and outdoor billboard advertising are one of the most effective mediums to reach, travelers, motorists and consumers. For this reason, outdoor billboard advertisers usually rely on high definition, visual images and graphics to make an impact. The good news for the automotive industry is that a visual is all you really need. Sharp images are proven to motivate purchase decisions and are a great motivator for drivers who immediately compare their vehicle to the attractive and sleek image displayed on the billboard.

Whether drivers are sitting in rush hour traffic, or driving past your billboard each day on their way to and from work, you’ll have the ability to put a visual image in front of motorists when you want. Some digital billboard advertisers are also using day parting, dynamic messaging and leveraging real-time traffic condition triggers to display hyper targeted ads.

For creative inspiration and ad design ideas search Automotive in Fliphound’s billboard artwork and ad creative gallery and library or see 30+ of the best, most creative, effective billboard ads, ideas, and examples for the automotive, service, repair, and car industry.

Digital Marketing Brings Cars to Life

In 2015, the auto industry was the second-largest digital ad spender in the United States, spending 7.3 billion dollars on digital advertising. Digital LED billboards and outdoor advertising are a great way to complement advertising campaign efforts, and out-of-home (OOH) billboard advertising is much cheaper and more efficient than TV, print or radio advertising, delivering a significantly lower cost per impression (CPM).

While many car dealers rely on traditional media marketing, such as television and print media, research shows that consumers are more heavily exposed to out-of-home advertising.

Billboards simply have a competitive edge. With vivid image quality and life-like size, this is something that magazine advertising or radio advertising have a much harder time at accomplishing. Billboard ads are the last message a customer sees before walking onto your new or used car lot to make a purchase decision. It’s important to strategically place ads near your dealership to keep your business at the front of the consumer’s mind.

Also adding out-of-home (OOH) billboard advertising to your overall ad campaign can increase the reach of TV by 18%, Radio by 45%, Social Media 212% and Mobile 316%.

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“87% of people who consider themselves car aficionados notice ads on roadside billboards.”
- Posterscope

Bring Bumper to Bumper Traffic to Your Business

Fliphound understands that you want to bring the traffic to your business. Part of driving that traffic is targeting and engaging the right people.

See case studies on how businesses and advertisers are using out-of-home (OOH) and outdoor digital billboard advertising to reach consumers and grow their businesses:

Car dealership building brand and awareness in over-saturated market

New auto glass store grand opening and brand promotion

Car dealership attracting customers and buyer from surrounding geographic markets

Tire dealer growing its consumer base in large metro market

Car dealer attracting new attention to its new store or dealership

Regional collision repair center introducing brand in new markets and boost awareness of nearby repair centers

We’ve seen billboards used to showcase fuel efficiency, size, motorhomes, automotive repairs and fancy rides. Whatever your advertisement ideas entail, Fliphound has the digital capabilities to bring them to life.

Rev Up Your Advertising With Fliphound

Automobiles are constantly changing and improving, and so should your advertising. Out-of-home advertising is on 24/7/365, can be integrated with your internet and social media campaigns and is the perfect mass medium for new and used car dealers. Here at Fliphound, we have easy-to-update billboards that will put you behind the wheel of your ads.

Fliphound’s online nationwide digital billboard network makes reaching drivers and car buyers easier than ever. Let us help you stand out from the competition. Whether you’re seeking help with your overall vehicle branding, or needing to increase auto sales, our digital billboards will drive customers right onto your lot.

  • Branding

    Make an impression. Showcase deals and new inventory to create customer recognition.

  • Direct traffic

    Let drivers know where you are.

  • Save Time

    Manage your own campaigns and create messages in the matter of minutes!

  • Bright Lights, Big Impact

    Capture attention while promoting leasing options, automotive services, rebates, and much more!

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