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71% of surveyed customers say they felt advertising on digital billboards stood out more than online ads.

- Arbitron 2010 Billboard Study Statistics

Take Your Digital Marketing Offline

Billboards are an affordable marketing and advertising medium to enhance social media, Facebook, Google AdWords, internet, search engine optimization (SEO), digital, and mobile marketing and advertising campaigns. SEO professionals, internet advertising specialists, media planners and digital marketing agencies are turning to digital billboards as a convenient, effective, and affordable medium for promoting their client's products and services or even your own business.

You know digital advertising works, right? So why leave it all online?

Digital billboards are social media ready and work for online advertising companies! Adding out-of-home (OOH) and digital billboard advertising to your media mix extends reach, generates buzz and definitely adds impact to digital campaigns.

When OOH is added to a media plan, it can increase the reach of an overall campaign by 18% for TV campaigns, 45% for radio campaigns, 68% for web campaigns, 212% for social campaigns, and 316% for mobile apps, according to a Touchpoint USA billboard study. Integrating social media or mobile campaigns with digital billboards can help create a circle of communication, encouraging both the customer and business to build a stronger and more engaging relationship. Outdoor advertising is the most cost effective media. Billboards costs less than radio, TV, or print on a CPM basis for every 1,000 potential customers that see your ad.

For digital media agencies selling Facebook, Google AdWords, social media or SEO optimization to your clients why not add digital billboard advertising to your product mix and generate a new revenue stream from existing and new clients.

Offline Ads Promote Online Action

OOH's weekly reach of 99% tops every other medium

As shown above, digital billboards increase reach the most for web, social, and mobile campaigns. But what does this mean exactly?

It means digital billboards are driving online sales and customer interactions. These statistics from Nielsen's Digital Billboard Study demonstrate the exact actions that consumers are taking after seeing a billboard message:

  • 18%Searched online for more details
  • 17%Visited the advertiser's website
  • 16%Searched for the advertiser online
  • 4%Posted online about what they saw

Clearly, digital billboards enhance other digital media efforts. If your web developer or digital marketing company has worked hard to develop a new website for your client, use our billboards to drive customers to it!

Fliphound helps users combine digital billboard advertising with other digital initiatives including geo-targeting, geo-fencing, Google AdWords, Facebook marketing, mobile, programmatic ad buying, social media, and internet advertising to increase sales and drive web conversions for your client's business or for your business.

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Optimize Billboards Just Like You Optimize Online Ads

One of the most appealing advantages of using Fliphound is the ability to optimize ads and turn billboard messages on and off. Fliphound's lets users access the largest online digital billboard network with more than 500 digital billboards with the click of a mouse. Have a client who is running a special promotion or wants to advertise unique messages for the holidays? Run their billboard ads when it makes the most sense! Looking to expand your agency's brand, use a billboard for your business!

We also make it easy for you to find the best locations for billboard advertising by zip code and search for pricing any time of the day – use Fliphound's billboard cost, CPM, DEC, audience reach calculator to price campaigns in 600+ markets. You know your marketing goals. Let us help you achieve them.

Fliphound: Your Digital Advertising Partner

You shouldn't call yourself a digital advertising agency or professional without offering the latest and greatest in digital out-of-home advertising. Partner with us to make digital billboards a possibility for your clients. Not all agencies offer it, so it can become part of your unique selling proposition!

Fliphound puts you completely in control. Whether your clients want a little outdoor advertising, or a lot, we have what fits their needs and helps you optimize their out-of-home (OOH) ad campaigns at affordable prices.

Fliphound provides advertisers access to an online, nationwide digital and static billboard network. SEO companies, digital advertisers, and online advertising professionals can lease or rent premium billboard inventory, or purchase advertisements on a local or national digital LED billboard network with the click of a mouse. Fliphound's top advertising clients show how they use digital billboards and OOH advertising to promote their products and grow their businesses. Billboard advertising has never been this easy!


    Engage and interact with your target market through popular social media networks and real-time ads.


    Increase the effectiveness of your current digital advertising efforts.


    Give your clients real-time flexibility with the ability to update specials, events, and hours of operation.


    Deliver the highest value to your clients without a fixed contract.

Ready to get started?

It only takes minutes to get started, and you don't even need to enter your credit card until you're ready to buy! If you have any questions about Fliphound or Billboard Advertising in general, don't hesitate to reach out.

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