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59 percent of motorists noticed a digital billboard ad in the past month
Nielson 2016 Billboard Study

Need to Promote Your Agency? Fliphound Has You Covered

Fliphound is a local online marketing and lead generation partner for insurance agents and agencies that are looking to leverage digital billboard messaging. Agents and agencies are looking for mediums that can help build their brands, elevate their companies in the public eye and work 24/7/365 days a year.

Today, as the demographic snapshot of the country changes, more insurance companies are turning to the internet to advertise their coverage options -- and with good reason. A 2015 study by Principal Financial Group shows that when it comes to Millennials, those ages 18-34 report 50 percent view a financial services website and/or Facebook page when trying to make an insurance or financial or insurance decision.

Just as marketing has gone online, the billboard market has taken technology to a new level, and Fliphound can get you there. Generating leads and prospects is hard work and thousands of agents and agencies already rely on outdoor advertising to growth their businesses – now you can too.

Fliphound Can Be a Key Word to Help People Find Your Online Presence

Even if you’re working your website, Facebook and Twitter account every day, how else are you getting the word out to potential new clients? What about those other -- sometimes more traditional -- approaches you’re using? Digital billboard advertising complements your internet and social media marketing initiative with local audience targeting.

Billboards work and the new digital billboard technology is now available to online buyers and provides advertisers the flexibility to change messages instantaneously to promote your brand or products. Selling life, auto, property, business general and liability, property and casualty, commercial or other lines of insurance, Fliphound can help get your message in front of people for as little as a couple hundred dollars. And, it’s there when and where you want it to be.

When it comes to competing with TV, radio or newspaper advertising, there’s no comparison. Not only do all three cost more than digital billboards on a CPM basis, but they often require ad agency help to design and execute a product successfully. Fliphound simply makes the process of buying digital time fast and easy.

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You Pay for the Coverage you Want or Need

One of the most-attractive things about building an online and social media presence is its low cost. Many people are building their own websites, writing their own blogs and Facebook postings, and directing their own social media. Fliphound continues that trend and is affordable.

For as little as a few hundred dollars a month, it’s possible to use digital billboards to get your message out – even during high-drive times. Show your ads locally, in your sales territory and buy online with no budget minimums. Whether you have co-op dollars to leverage from a parent company or you’re setting your own budget, Fliphound’s mission is to connect advertisers to digital billboards at a price point that makes sense for them.

Not only does Fliphound let your engage would-be insurance buyers while they’re commuting, but it’s also a pay-as-you-go process that accepts credit cards. Tell the world about your website or latest new product offering. Share your online address or phone number and watch responses soar. Now, that’s coverage.

A 21st Century Twist on an Old Product

Just as online marketing has turned buying and selling insurance on its ear, digital billboards are offering a new take on an old standby. What makes Fliphound special is that it’s taken digital billboards a step further by making the eye-catching medium user-friendly. It’s online national digital billboard network makes reaching new and potential clients easier than ever. All you need is a budget. Then find billboards online in your neighborhood or community and put your ads in the rotation.

Fliphound’s all-digital billboard platform offers insurance agencies great flexibility. Whether you’re publicizing a new line you’re carrying, a class you’re offering or your sponsorship of a local charity, it’s all at your fingertips, ready to integrate into the rest of your social media.

Remember: you control the volume of advertising and the placement. Whether you want to spend a little or a lot, you can develop your own advertising strategy and make your message fit your needs. When it comes to marketing, Fliphound can help you bring in prospects -- and it only takes minutes to get started.


    Most buyers are local and want to work with people they know.


    A great way to direct people to your online offerings.


    You don't have to wait to change messages.

  • COST

    Spend as little or as much as your budget allows.

Ready to get started?

It only takes minutes to get started, and you don't even need to enter your credit card until you're ready to buy! If you have any questions about Fliphound or Billboard Advertising in general, don't hesitate to reach out.

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