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59 percent of motorists noticed a digital billboard ad in the past month
Nielson 2016 Billboard Study

Showcase your Technology Company with Digital Outdoor Advertising

Out-of-home advertising is a successful marketing tool that many technology companies are using to achieve business growth. While there are multiple forms of advertising available, out-of-home advertising continues to be heavily used because of its ability to attract large audiences at an affordable rate. And Fliphound lets you buy out-of-home advertising online.

Apple dedicates nearly 12.9% of its advertising budget to out-of-home advertising, and many other technology companies, such as Google and Netflix, are spending significant amounts as well. This is simply because out-of-home advertising is outperforming other media.

Specifically, digital billboards have become a popular, creative way of putting technology products and services in the minds of customers. From promoting phone apps to informing consumers about Information Technology (IT) services and computer software, billboards provide an easy-to-execute marketing strategy that help technology companies take off.

“6,100 digital billboards are currently being used in 2016.”
- OAAA Facts and Figures

Start Advertising Your Tech Startup or IT Company the Right Way

Perhaps your advertising budget isn’t a billion dollars like Apple’s. That’s totally fine when it comes to advertising on digital billboards. In fact, billboards are a cost-effective way for companies to increase revenue, even if they’re just in the startup phase.

Tech startups and online businesses love billboard advertising for multiple reasons -- the first being its wide exposure. Billboards reach consumers no matter what their media consumptions habits are. Consumers can’t change the channel, mute the message or scroll past it. Instead, they’re forced to see your advertisement. This allows for a great way of introducing drivers to the products or services you offer or recruiting highly skilled technical teams.

Technology companies love the professional look of billboards. By advertising on such a large platform, you give the impression that your company is successful and financially stable. This communicates to customers that you know what you’re doing, which can be very reassuring in the decision process.

Fliphound is the first of its kind for outdoor advertising and lets you pick when you want to advertise, either by time of day, day of week, or both. It’s a user-friendly system with transparent pricing, location, proof-of-performance analytics. Who could ask for more?

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Guide Customers to Your Technology

Digital billboards allow you to connect with customers through the latest technology. They use eye-catching visuals that are easier to change than traditional billboards, and as a result, they allow you to constantly update what message you are giving your potential customers.

Tell them what specials you have this month online and offline. Drive them in your direction. Illustrate how your technology works. With the ability to pick what message you are delivering, you keep your advertising fresh and relevant.

Consumers today spend 70% of their time outside of their homes, and many people drive the same path to and from work each week. Don’t keep showing them the same message. Instead, communicate the wide variety of services you have. When they’re ready to purchase, they’ll think of you.

“The creative opportunity for advertisers is huge, and the creative executions on outdoor screens are getting better all the time.”
- James Brenner, writer for “The Drum”

Fliphound: Your Technology Advertising Partner

Despite what type of technology services you specialize in, digital outdoor advertising can be a fun, effective way of reaching new customers.

Fliphound is your advertising partner that makes increasing sales easier than it’s ever been before. We help you find the best place to advertise for your audience so that you don’t waste time with marketing that no one will see.

Fliphound's online nationwide digital billboard network makes reaching your audience easy. We don’t make you pay until you’re ready to purchase, and we give you complete control over your billboard campaign so you can choose what to show and how often to show it. When you see how good your digital billboards look, you’ll never leave billboards out of your media mix again.

After all, what better way to advertise your technology than with our latest technology?

  • Reach

    Capture the attention of drivers in an advertising platform that demands attention.

  • Impress

    Get consumers excited about your business, as well as your success.

  • Introduce

    Show off your latest products, services and liven up your advertising with relevant messages.

  • Revolutionize

    Bring your technology to life while enhancing your media mix.

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