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59 percent of motorists noticed a digital billboard ad in the past month
Nielson 2016 Billboard Study

Communication Companies Turn to Digital Billboards

Telecommunications is a booming industry that is becoming more innovative by the second. Whether people are communicating via the internet, mobile phone or landline, the world is now connected in a way that allows for communication to take place on multiple different platforms.

Many industry professionals are seeing this as an opportunity to grow their businesses and are turning to outdoor, digital advertising to make this happen. In 2014, communication companies were ranked in the top ten industry categories to use Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, with numerous communication providers being the top spenders in this advertising category (e.g., Verizon, Samsung, Metro PCS).

This transition towards digital advertising is expected to continue in the future, with telecommunication digital ad spending expected to reach $6.69 billion in 2017.

Whether your current marketing goals are to sell cable tv, internet, telephone or mobile services, or telecom equipment, digital billboards accomplish the goals of getting you more subscribers and upping your revenue.

Bring Your Bundle to our Billboards

As a telecommunication business, your greatest goal is likely convincing users to switch providers and subscribe to you. One way to do this is to strengthen your customer loyalty by showing each customer that you have the service to fit their needs.

While the number of Americans who own a smartphone has substantially increased since 2011, it’s no secret that mobile phone companies love competing with each other. Billboards can be a great way to convince users to switch providers or showcase the latest phone or gadget, as they allow you to stand out and quickly communicate a message to countless drivers. Whether you’re highlighting your fast network or your affordable data plan, drivers are able to notice the deals that will work best for them.

This doesn’t just work for cell phone providers either. Many people still find comfort in their home landline or are currently looking for the best deal when it comes to internet and cable. Billboards are a great platform to promote triple plays (telephone, video and internet) and bundle deals.

Billboards demand the attention of drivers, forcing customers to contemplate your service. As a result, potential customers are more likely to seek further information by stopping by your location or looking you up online.

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“The rapid changes in communication technology make it important to educate your customers on the relevance and benefits of new technologies.”
- Ian Linton, Demand Media

Changing Your Content or Location is Just a Click Away

While traditional billboards may give advertisers advantages, the real benefits come from digital billboards that allow you to have complete control over your advertising content and locations. This is important for the telecommunications industry, because you shouldn’t have to always communicate the same message.

There’s no better time to advertise your NFL Sports Channels Package than right before the Broncos (or whoever you root for) are about to score their first touchdown of the season. And once all of the Super Bowl parties are over, your billboard should be able to promote something that’s more relevant for you.

The same goes for new technologies and products. People like new. Why else would thousands of people wait in line to get the latest iPhone? As technology stays up to date, so should your billboards.

Digital billboards allow you to change your content as often as you want. New channel package? Put it on your billboard. New tablet release? Put it on your billboard. Consumers will never have to get tired of hearing you repeat the same thing.

Calling all Communication Professionals

Telecommunications never stops, and neither should your advertising. With Fliphound, you have unlimited access to your billboards that allows you to always keep your marketing up to date via a desktop, tablet, mobile or smart phone.

It’s easy to get started, and you don’t pay until you’re ready to buy. Best of all, you choose where you want your billboards to be and the frequency that they will be used. You have the control.

Just as your customers have many options for their telecommunications needs, we know you have many options for your advertising needs. We hope Fliphound’s flexibility and affordability convinces you to let us be the primary provider of your digital marketing.

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    Maximize revenues by focusing on customer demographics. Pick your locations and target local neighborhoods or specific areas.

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