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59 percent of motorists noticed a digital billboard ad in the past month
Nielson 2016 Billboard Study

Differentiate Your Brand: Put Your Name in Lights

Small businesses power the economy. 50% of the working population (120 million) work in small businesses. Millions of the 27.9 million small businesses in the U.S. are already advertising online and using digital advertising to build their brands and grow their businesses. Fliphound makes out of home (OOH) digital billboard advertising easy to use and accessible to small and medium sized businesses, the long tail of the advertising market.

You may never grow your small or medium sized business (or SME, SMB) into a world-recognized name. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a strong brand, whether you’re serving your neighborhood, your community or a larger service area.

What is your brand? It’s what you do that’s the heart and soul of your company, what makes you special and sets you apart from everyone else. It’s more than just products or services; it’s the experience your customers have with you. Once you determine your brand, you need to tell people about it. The right outdoor advertising can spread your message while helping you look professional. That’s where Fliphound comes in.

Historically, OOH advertising has only been accessible to a large businesses and national brands. For example, Lamar Outdoor, the largest billboard operator U.S., serves only 40,000 primarily large businesses annually.

Meanwhile, new internet digital advertisers like Facebook and Google help millions of small businesses reach customers (as of 2016 60 million businesses have Facebook pages and between 4-5 million actively advertise). Fliphound does the same for outdoor digital advertising and marketing.

Fliphound allows new digital advertisers and millions of businesses to use and access the largest online digital billboard network to reinforce their brands. Not only do they give your company a big brand feel, but there’s a good chance your local customers are looking for you as they drive.

For creative inspiration and ad design ideas search Small Business in Fliphound’s billboard artwork and ad creative gallery and library or see 20+ of the best and most effective billboard ad ideas and examples for small businesses.

Use Big Messages to Make You Bigger

Billboards have always made a splash in the advertising world, and that’s certainly true of digital signs and LED billboards. Business owners in some of the most competitive industries, including high technology and legal (attorney), depend on outdoor billboard advertising to promote and grow their businesses. One blogger on advertising new businesses puts it quite clearly: “Get a billboard to be seen by countless potential customers.”

Billboards can always be used to direct people to online channels such as your website, Facebook page, or your online store, to your physical location or encourage them to make a phone call. Adding out-of-home (OOH) billboard advertising to your overall ad campaign can increase the reach of TV by 18%, Radio by 45%, Social Media 212% and Mobile 316%. Digital billboards are also a great way to promote today’s special, next week’s sale or the introduction of a new product line or service. Whatever you want to promote, digital billboards can help.

In the past, the biggest complaint by small businesses about billboards was the cost of advertising and the length of contract required.

Today, with digital billboards from Fliphound, that’s not the case – here is a fact billboards cost less than TV, radio and print on a CPM basis. Fliphound is user-friendly and has digital billboards across North America. You can set your own budget, select online the boards that will work best for you, design your own message, and have it airing within minutes at the frequency you want -- and pay for it all by credit card. Most Fliphound advertisers spend between $250-$750 per month on outdoor advertising.

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Customers Are Looking for You

One of the great advantages to billboards is that they work for so many different types of local and regional businesses. Click to learn how top brands and companies are using outdoor advertising to promote their business, services, and products. If your base is sufficiently broad a billboard can both attract new business and solidify your relationship with existing customers.

Local businesses that cater to specific communities, businesses with high-ticket items (think homes, cars, jewelry), services with mass appeal, and creative businesses that can make a billboard sparkle will all benefit from digital billboard advertising and buying local.

Remember that a healthy marketing strategy has many facets to it. You aren’t going to get the same level of information across on a billboard that a website or even a printed newsletter will convey. However, you will make a splash. Location is key with billboard advertising, use Fliphound’s Billboard Cost and Impact Calculator to choose the right outdoor advertising locations by zip code in 600+ cities. And, while a potential customer may never go to your website or toss your newsletter, people will see your billboard because they’re unable to turn the channel or turn away. Plus, you have the advantage of customized placement near your highway exit (if you wish), or to reach rural customers that other media don’t necessarily reach.

There’s Nothing Small About Digital Billboard Advertising

Whether you have a few hundred dollars or a few thousand in your advertising budget, the reality is you need to make every one of them count. Fliphound and its national online network of digital billboards can help your small business reach local and national customers.

Fliphound serves more than 1,000 advertisers and has managed and executed thousands of outdoor advertising campaigns for local and national advertisers. 90% of Fliphound advertisers are local businesses and 87% of these advertisers are new to outdoor advertising.

Fliphound is the perfect medium to give your small business big time exposure, whether you’re selling donuts or diamonds. With Fliphound you have a wide selection of billboard locations and an easy-to-update method for getting your message in front of the buying public.

Let us help you stand out from your competition. Whether you’re looking to tell customers about the latest fashion, encourage them to buy flowers or simply improve your brand, digital billboards will bring customers to your door.

  • Branding

    You know where you fit in the competitive marketplace; tell people about it.

  • Gain Attention

    Billboards have always been an advertising star and digital provides a bright new look.

  • Target your audience

    You know your market, so put your messages where they’ll do the most good and help people find you.

  • Affordable Medium

    Digital billboards offer a great CPM and you can buy spots and post your message in minutes.

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