Digital and LED Billboards

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Nine out of 10 people notice the advertising copy on digital billboards some or most of the time.

- Arbitron

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are computer-controlled displays or electronic controlled boards that combine the benefits of traditional billboard advertising with the convenience and innovation of current technology. Digital billboards are also referred to as LED signs or digital signage. Digital billboards are becoming the preferred choice of top tier advertisers because they are visually stunning, eye-catching from far away and allow advertisers the ability to launch campaigns almost instantaneously.

The widespread growth in digital billboard units and an ever expanding network is attracting interest from online digital and internet advertisers who want to incorporate outdoor of home advertising into their media mix and buy digital OOH billboards online via programmatic advertising or other self-serve advertising platforms. Click to get a list of leading digital billboard manufacturers.

  • Most advanced and visible out-of-home (OOH) media advertising
  • Located in on major highways, roads and intersection often on landmark sites
  • Only takes minutes to get started
  • Turn ads on and off at your convenience
  • Change your message as often as you want
  • Respond in real-time to current events and market trends
  • Social media ready
Approximate Size
  • 14' H x 48' W Digital Bulletins* (design specifications vary but are ~400 pixels high x 1400 pixels wide at 72ppi)
  • 20' H x 60' W Spectacular

*(also includes Junior Bulletins - 11' H x 48" W)


Bulletins, also referred to as large billboards, are the largest boards and are among the most impactful standard-sized OOH advertising formats. These are also known as static, traditional, conventional or vinyl billboards. In general the overall dimensions are the same for static and digital billboards.

Bulletins are great for promoting brands with strategic ad placement on the most sought after premium locations to large metro audiences and consumers.

  • Large boards offer maximum visibility and exposure
  • Available in Static or digital formats (in some cases, available as wallscapes)
  • Vinyl formats require long-term or permanent campaign
  • Visible to local drivers, commuters, and long distance travelers
  • Located on major roads, intersections and premium locations
  • Great for generating brand awareness and recognition
Approximate Size
  • 48' W x 14' H and other size formats

Junior Posters

Junior posters, also referred to as small billboards or poster billboards, are ideal for short-term campaigns, seasonal advertising, company promotions, and product introductions. Available in digital and static formats.

  • Cost effective for small businesses
  • Great for targeting communities or neighborhoods
  • Designed to flood the market with multiple ads
  • Located in high-traffic commercial areas
  • Visible to both pedestrians and motorists
  • Can stimulate sales near point-of-purchase locations
Approximate Size
  • 11' W x 5' H (design specifications vary but are ~ 400 pixels high x 840 pixels wide at 72ppi.)

Fliphound's Online Digital Billboard Network

Fliphound provides out-of-home (OOH) advertising space for clients on digital billboards and digital/LED signs. Fliphound operates the largest online nationwide network of premier billboards from leading independent operators and board owners. Fliphound's national footprint of digital billboards simplifies the buying process for national and local advertisers.

With the click of a mouse, advertisers build campaigns with a combination of independent billboard companies, real-time pricing (RTB), package rates, frequencies, and inventory on static and digital billboards. We can give you exactly what you are looking for!


Billboard rates and prices vary by market, but they are affordable and can be controlled with a good media plan. In fact, billboard advertising is even more affordable on a CPM basis than Radio, TV, Newspaper rates (rate cards).

We make it easy to answer the question, "How much do billboards cost?" or "How much does outdoor advertising cost?" with our Billboard Cost & Impact Calculator. Simply search a zip code, and you can see the CPM pricing, audience reach, and effectiveness of using billboard advertising in that area!


Our nationwide online inventory and billboard network offers opportunities in countless markets across the country. Access all types of premium billboard units and billboard space in landmark locations in most of the top 500 metro markets and other cities.

Billboard or Land Owners

Today approximately 98% of the billboards are traditional, conventional or static but most of the capital being invested in the industry by the largest billboard companies and local operators is in digital billboard assets. The reasons are two-fold...

1) Digital billboard structures generate 3-5x the advertising revenue of static or traditional billboards and
2) Digital LED display pricing has decreased significantly over the past several years making this business more attractive.

Local business and land owners, investors or entrepreneurs who are interest in participating in the industry growth have a few options: 1) leasing commercial or private land to a local or national billboard operator or billboard company; 2) building a digital billboard structure and get into the fastest growing segment of the outdoor industry; or 3) buy an existing static billboard and convert it to a digital billboard structure. If you decide to get into the billboard industry Fliphound can help.

Other Outdoor Advertising Categories

For the time being, Fliphound is exclusively focused on digital billboards. Once we have mastered digital billboards we will consider other advertising categories including: static billboards (traditional billboard advertising), transit advertising, digital screens, mobile billboard, bus and bus stop advertising, subway advertising, street furniture, digital play space, wallscapes and other forms of outdoor advertising.