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59 percent of motorists noticed a digital billboard ad in the past month
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Financial service companies, banks, credit unions, financial planners, investment managers, mortgage lenders, brokers and other financial professionals use outdoor digital billboard advertising and out-of-home advertising to stand out from the competition.

Today, studies show most investors use the internet for financial research, but standing out digitally on websites, blogs, and with ads on Facebook, Google, Twitter is challenging and can be expensive. One proven way to increase your online presence is through a traditional medium – out-of-home (OOH) advertising and marketing. Billboard advertising helps build your brand and drive traffic to your web site.

Fliphound operates the largest independent online digital billboard network and makes buying outdoor advertising buying accessible, quick, easy and affordable. You choose where you want your message to go, schedule the billboards from an online map, and get your ads up in minutes. It’s simple, affordable and immediate.

See examples of how banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, and financial service companies are using outdoor advertising and billboard campaigns: a local credit union makes a name for itself in a market with several national competitors and how a regional bank promotes is small business banking service and expertise while also promoting is small business customers.

For creative inspiration and outdoor ad design ideas search bank and financial in Fliphound’s billboard artwork and ad creative gallery and library or see 20+ of the best and most effective outdoor billboard advertising ad ideas and examples for the bank and financial services industry.

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The more people who see your product, the more likely you are to bring in customers. The bottom line: whether you’re marketing first mortgages or re-financings, small business loans, lines of credit, auto loans, or trying to grow assets under management digital billboards can help spread the word.

Outdoor advertising helps you build your brand and position your business versus the competition. Billboards help you get your name in front of local customers while they are driving and provides a big brand feel. It is great way to share branch hours with customers, share important product information or promote new financial services.

Use out of home advertising and digital billboard advertising in combination with social media advertising, mobile advertising, and online advertising or tradition TV or radio media campaigns. Adding out-of-home (OOH) billboard advertising to your other ad campaign activities can increase the reach of TV by 18%, Radio by 45%, Social Media 212% and Mobile 316%.

Tomorrow’s home or vehicle buyer is today’s shopper, so why not let them see your name early and often by adding the power of digital billboards to your media mix. Fliphound, your online outdoor media specialist, is here to help.

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Cost Versus Value: Fliphound is a Sure Thing

One of the biggest problems with just about any type of advertising is that today’s viewers are doing their best to ignore, skip or block advertisements. Viewers fast-forward through the ads on their recorded TV shows or set up ad blocking on their phone or browsers. Only digital billboards and outdoor advertising reach people at a time and place they can’t turn away: when they’re driving.

Outdoor advertising via Fliphound offers more than a captive audience to its buyers. Digital billboards and out of home advertising can provide clarity of message, visual style and simplicity for your message. There’s a “wow” factor that other traditional media can’t or don’t offer. At the same time, a high-contrast ad that’s easy to read, with good graphic content, let’s you communicate your message in style. They’re a medium that people can’t miss.

They’re also a medium you can afford. Outdoor advertising and billboards (OOH) are the lowest cost advertising medium click to see how it compares to TV, radio, and print. For as little as $400-$500 a month, it’s possible to use digital billboards to get your message out during high-drive times, for a special promotion like free checking, or to keep your prospective clients updated on something as changeable as today’s Dow Jones Industrial Averages or mortgage rates. Fliphound connects advertisers to digital billboards at any price-point to make their lives simpler. It’s also pay-as-you-go, without long-term contracts.

A Unique Product for Not Much Money

The bottom line for many community banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers, brokerage firms, financial planners and wealth managers is that there isn’t a whole lot of money to put into a huge marketing budget. With Fliphound, there’s no need to. You can develop your own unique strategies, combine them with cutting-edge creativity, and reap the results.

You can even target a specific service to a particular group, choose a neighborhood or ZIP Code in which to advertise, and measure the results. Fliphound can help your business incorporate digital billboards into your media mix.

Use Fliphound’s billboard cost and impact calculator to search by zip for outdoor advertising costs in 600+ cities.

Come all the way into the 21st century with Fliphound. You control ad frequency and the placement. There are no long-term contracts and pricing is transparent. Develop your strategy, then use Fliphound’s design guidelines to create eye-catching messages. It only takes a few minutes to get started, you can make changes 24/7, and the price is more than right.


    Local people need to know what you offer.


    Help drive people to your website.


    Colorful digital billboards are hard to ignore.


    You control when and where the ads appear.

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