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59 percent of motorists noticed a digital billboard ad in the past month
Nielson 2016 Billboard Study


Attorneys and legal firms need to beef up marketing and advertising to expand their business. A 2014 survey by FindLaw indicated that more than 38% of consumers will conduct online research to evaluate an attorney or legal services before hiring them so having a strong internet presence is critical. But, what gets would-be clients to their online sites? One solid answer is adding electronic signs or LED billboards from Fliphound to your marketing strategies.

A good website can do a lot for a marketing strategy, but how do you drive new clients to your website. That’s where traditional advertising -- can fit into a law firm marketing plan. While television advertising, radio advertising, print advertising, even Yellow Pages have taken hits in popularity and results in recent years, not only is outdoor billboard advertising tried-and-tested, but its numbers continue to grow as people spend more of their waking hours away from home in their vehicles. Adding out-of-home (OOH) billboard advertising can increase reach of TV by 18%, Radio by 45%, Social 212% and Mobile 316%.

Fliphound brings billboard advertising to the 21st century. Not only does Fliphound offer the visual appeal of LED billboards and displays, but it’s quick, easy and affordable. You design your message, choose where you want it to be seen, select the billboards from the inventory of the largest independent nationwide digital billboard network, and your ads are up and running in minutes.

Billboard advertising can be a game-changer if used and executed well. The right location and the right message can put any legal practice in the public eye and keep it there. Fliphound enhances your online legal marketing initiatives. Not only are you guaranteed transparent pricing and proof-of-performance analytics so you can measure your campaign's effectiveness, but Fliphound offers online legal ad templates for inspiration and design guidelines to help you get your message across in the best way possible or see top 30+ legal ad examples.


If you can be creative and brief, then digital billboards are the right canvas for you. Billboards can drive traffic to your website and showcase your practice’s expertise.

You probably didn’t go into law thinking you’d have to be an expert in legal marketing and advertising, but today marketing and branding is just about everyone’s second occupation. You already rely on email and online advertising as well as lawyer marketing services to draw people to your business, but why stop there with your law firm marketing ideas? Take that extra step and get your name out in front of the public with digital billboards.

By the time you’ve completed your website, it’s likely you’ve already done two important things: honed down which type of client you’re trying to reach and developed something to offer would-be clients online. Why not tell people about it? Even if someone seeing your billboard doesn’t need a lawyer today, they may very well in the future. If your goal is just to get your name known and build a positive image, be your own publicist and let potential clients know with the help of Fliphound.

Because people are driving, just remember that you have to be short and sweet. Simple fonts are important, as are good contrasting colors. Unlike appealing to a jury, the message has to be brief -- some experts suggest no more than six words in the headline, and little more after that. Using a vanity phone number or catchy web domain name or you name helps them remember you. See new case study that shows how one law firm uses outdoor billboard advertising to gain additional traction with clients.


It’s been said that marketing is a contact sport. It’s also not inexpensive. As you’re put together your marketing plan, whether it’s a slick website or billboard campaign, you’re finding it costs money, sometimes real money. One legal expert recommends spending 2.5 percent of your gross revenues solely on direct marketing costs, not including salaries.

That probably isn’t out of line –exclusive and targeted leads from legal marketing companies can cost between $10-$15 per lead (in some cases up to $150 per lead). However, in most instances, they also provide little more than the name of a potential client to call. A small investment can get you on Fliphound’s network of digital billboards. That, too, can be targeted by city, neighborhood or ZIP code. The main difference is that first call or website contact is coming from an actual, potential client who’s seen your message and is motivated to call YOU.

For as little as $400-$500 per month, you can grab people’s attention, direct them to your website or office, and -- done well -- show them what makes your firm different and why you’re the person to call. Remember, Fliphound is affordable and lets you pick when you want to advertise, either by time of day, day of week, or both. It’s a user-friendly system with transparent pricing, location and proof-of-performance analytics. Who could ask for more?


The first step in any good legal marketing plan is getting people’s attention. Digital billboards do that. A well thought-out digital billboard campaign will not only get the attention of prospective clients, but make you stand out in their minds. If you can define what event leads to the initial contact between you and a prospective client and advertise to that, the rest of your marketing strategy is easy.

A billboard that’s cheesy or shocking may adversely impact your reputation. And, be sure that any billboard advertising, like any advertising you do, complies with your state’s rule of professional responsibility.

Still, relying on your local online presence will only take you so far, especially in the short run. Fliphound has taken today’s digital billboard technology and made it user-friendly to help drive potential clients to you and your website. A well-chosen graphic and your phone number or website address will put you in people’s mind in a way that other forms of traditional advertising can’t. Develop your ads, then let Fliphound work with you to get your message exactly where you want it -- and when. To learn more, visit Fliphound.

  • Expand Your Reach

    Encourage people to visit your website or call your office.

  • Build Your Brand

    Create an image and get your name known.

  • Target Ads

    Choose specific neighborhoods, ZIP codes or cities.

  • Cost

    You set the budget.

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