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59 percent of motorists noticed a digital billboard ad in the past month
Nielson 2016 Billboard Study

Digital Billboards are Revitalizing the Healthcare Industry

As the world of healthcare evolves nationwide, healthcare providers are turning to stronger advertising to help them stand out amongst competition. One way to ensure a powerful return on investment (ROI) is for healthcare professions to maintain a heavy visual presence. Out-of-home (OOH) advertising does this by exposing a large population to your hospital, clinic, or emergency room. Specifically, digital billboards and LED signs are cost effective tools that allow all fields of the medical industry to communicate and engage with patients at an affordable price.

A study from the Journal of Healthcare Management researched the effectiveness of billboards for healthcare organizations and found that of 1,640 patients surveyed, 63.6% were influenced to visit the urgent care center (advertised in the study) because of the billboards they encountered.

While drivers listening to radio ads tend to desire happy, entertaining news, billboards give the healthcare industry a platform to advertise more serious content. These advertisements ultimately become the call to action that reminds people to confront the health problems or concerns that they may have been putting off.

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"Regarding their opinions of billboards as an advertising medium, 74.2 percent had positive views."
- Journal of Healthcare Management.

Branding is the Best Medicine

Taking care of one's health is a serious issue that many people do not take lightly, and as a result, healthcare professionals work hard to become the most trusted source for patients to come to in their time of need and assistance.

Younger patients prefer established healthcare brands, highlighting the need for branding. Medical and healthcare professionals need to spend more time building their brands.

Billboards can be a great way of quickly introducing your brand’s message to a population that may have never stepped foot in your business. With each passing driver, there is another potential patient who understands your mission, as well as the services you provide. A strong brand is typically a competitive advantage resulting in loyal customers, growth in market share, and often higher levels of profitability, according to a 2016 study by Pershing,Yoakley & Associates, PC. Their research indicates, a strong brand can influence purchasers to select one provider over another in intensely competitive markets and attract top-quality physicians.

Hospitals and clinics have used digital billboards to introduce newborn babies, new technologies and improvements, donor stories, or to advertise a new hospital wing. While each of these messages differ, they each act as a cohesive part of the hospital or clinic’s overall dedication to their patients. No matter what you need to communicate to the public, billboards can strengthen your overall media mix, and as a result, strengthen both your brand and your relationships with your patients. See case studies on how an orthodontics practice stands out in a competitive market and how university healthcare system promotes cancer expertise to local patients.

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"Whether it's growing your brand identity or improving medication adherence through visual instructions, images are key to interacting with, informing and empowering patients."
- Forbes

Healing the World One Billboard at a Time

One of the biggest advantages of digital billboards is the ability to keep up with the market. By using digital billboards as part of your advertising or marketing strategy, you'll be able to change the content of your billboards when and how you want to. You'll no longer have to worry about "wearing-out" past advertising messages.

Along with changing your message often, you can also display different content in different parts of the city or county. This makes tracking illnesses throughout the country more effective, as you're able to make sure the right people are getting the message that they should be concerned. This can be especially useful during flu and cold season, when people are especially worried about contracting a virus.

Targeting particular audiences doesn't have to just be used in the instance of an epidemic though. We've seen health professionals use billboards to target audiences such as cancer patients, concerned parents, aging adults or to enroll patients in research studies. No matter who your audience may be, billboards are great for advertising new locations, procedures, or technologies. Also adding out-of-home (OOH) billboard advertising to your overall ad campaign can increase the reach of TV by 18%, Radio by 45%, Social Media 212% and Mobile 316%.

Fliphound: Your Advertising Cure-all

Whether you specialize in dental care, optometry, chiropractory, or trauma, billboards should be an important part of your healthcare marketing strategy. Now, healthcare providers are jumping at the opportunity to use digital outdoor advertising as a way to strengthen their brand, and ultimately build trust with patients.

At Fliphound, we make buying online easy and hassle-free. Get real-time pricing, with the option of picking billboard locations you want from an online map, setup your campaign, and get your ads up in minutes. Digital billboards are a powerful tool in helping you reach new and existing patients at the right time and with the right message.

Fliphound's online ad marketplace and advertising platform allow you to control the frequency of your ads on digital billboards, as well as the content being shown. Let digital billboards help bring patients to your healthcare organization.

  • Exposure

    Gain heavy exposure to different markets through a high impact medium.

  • Reinforcing

    Reassure existing and new patients of the quality of your services.

  • Brand Recognition

    What makes you stand out from the competition? Display your brand where it can be seen by thousands daily.

  • Call to action

    Remind potential visitors and patients it's time for that yearly eye exam, the benefits of vaccines, or promote new treatments.

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