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Fliphound Overview

Introducing Fliphound, the first automated buying platform for billboards and digital signage.

From purchase to payment, we assist local, regional, and national businesses and brands in building, buying and executing Out-of-Home (OOH) campaigns online even if they have never bought OOH previously.

Fliphound also appeals to the thousands of regional and local advertising agencies, as well as online, SEO and digital agencies who want to incorporate outdoor advertising into their clients’ media mix.


    Fliphound's marketing and sales will boost your board's visibility to hundreds of new advertisers.


    Take advantage of schedule gaps and fill your excess inventory through Fliphound's bidding marketplace.


    No more pushing paper and answering calls, Fliphound sales are automated from purchase to payment.


    Stop chasing accounts receivable and get paid on time. All Fliphound transactions are pre-paid.

Fliphound is your local online marketing and sales partner. We help billboard operators and sign owners tap into new buyers. More than 90+ percent of advertisers have never placed outdoor ads and our goal is to make billboard buying easy. Many of these prospective advertisers are already spending thousands of dollars annually on marketing and advertising initiatives including print ads, flyers, road side signs, online ad words, social media campaigns, email blasts and call centers. Larger agencies and OOH specialist agencies are interested in advertising online but need to be able to buy a network of digital displays or signs, not just individual billboards. List your billboard or LED display for free with the largest independent online digital billboard network and enable online buying today.

Our team of advertising specialists, partnerships with well known online marketing, and third party providers will expose your inventory to new buyers and the $53B online advertising market. Fliphound is a valuable tool that helps your sales team cost effectively serve online, smaller buyers, test run buyers, and increase sales close rates.

Fliphound's platform is designed to mimic the experience that online ad buyers have grown accustom to and educate them on the benefits of incorporating OOH advertising into their online advertising media mix. Our goal is to make OOH buying simple and the experience easy for buyers who are already comfortably buying social media ads or running ad words campaigns.

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  • Maximize Your Reach

    Billboard owners can establish an immediate online presence with the leader in automated online OOH buying. Leverage Fliphound’s singular focus on OOH and our marketing and technology investment to expose your billboards to millions of digital national, regional and small ad buyers.

  • Expanded Resources

    The platform was designed by billboard owners and allows owners like yourself to maintain complete control of your pricing and inventory and integrates with your existing digital signage software. Owners can also leverage our lead generation capabilities to reach millions of potential buyers.

  • New Sales Leads

    A new automated sales tool that helps your sales team increase their close rate and cost effectively serve new and smaller buyers. Our board owner portal gives you full access to everyone who purchases ads on your billboard(s), which means every one of our sales is a potential lead for you. Craft and test new packages and turn first time buyers into lifelong OOH advertisers.

  • More Business at Better Rates

    Leverage Fliphound features to attract and retain advertisers with coupons, social media integration, referral programs, mobile apps, and day parting. Fliphound allows billboard owners to sell different products to different markets driving up occupancy and rates.

  • Diversified Client Base

    Our national billboard network, has attracted a diverse and growing set of ad buyers, helping diversify your client base and insulate owners from economic and seasonal swings. Set up once, and scheduling, content upload, buys and payments become an automatic and seamless experience for your online buyers.

  • Addictively Easy

    Our customers rave about buying billboards using Fliphound. Moreover, today’s ad buyers are online and to win and compete you need to be online too. Fliphound helps you attract new buyers who appreciate a feature rich solution that allows guaranteed and non-guaranteed ad buys and 24/7/365 online buying. Billboard advertising has never been his easy.

  • When your advertisers realize they can buy online in real-time, control their campaigns down to the minute, and move effortlessly from board to board, your competition won't stand a chance. Set yourself apart from the market and create repeat business with incredible brand strength.

How it Works

Fliphound is all about giving you options to access new advertisers. At the simplest level, you can list your digital billboard or LED sign on our online inventory network map allow potential buyers to browse and learn more about your asset(s). Take advantage of our internet sales and marketing activities and showcase your billboards on Fliphound. When advertisers are interested in purchasing inventory, you'll be notified immediately.

Want to enable online sales as soon as today? Integrate your billboard and enable online package, contract or real-time bidding buys. Fliphound allows operators to sell guaranteed and non-guaranteed advertisements.



    Fliphound's marketing and sales will boost your board's visibility to hundreds of new advertisers.
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    Offer your boards in packages to create simpler buying decisions for first time buyers.
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    No more pushing paper and answering calls, Fliphound sales are automated from purchase to payment.
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    Real-time buying attracts short-term advertisers as well as long-term buyers who want the ability to time their campaigns strategically.
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Billboard Directory Listing

List your LED screen, digital display or billboard on our software cloud platform and open the door to millions of small businesses, media buyers, digital marketing professionals, SEO/Digital firms, and ad agencies. Your board's specs and sales information can be viewed online for immediate purchase decisions, or potential clients can request to be notified when the board is available for online purchase.

When your board is fully enabled, advertisers can select from one of the following products and execute automated buys:

  • Packages
  • Contracts
  • Real-Time Buying

Packages (Digital Only)

Fliphound packages enable advertisers to browse and purchase guaranteed ads on your board inventory 24/7/365.

Operators or sign companies can set up simple packages on one or more digital signs or billboards to sell 1 day, 1 week, 2 week, or 4 week packages, or market specific packages.

Board owners can adjust their packages, change pricing at any time, issue coupons and make special offers to buyers. It is great way for board owners to enable online selling and to offer different solutions to new OOH advertisers.

When your board is enabled for purchase, advertisers can create a campaign with the following process:

  1. Selects start date and review packages available
  2. Filter options by strategy
  3. Select a package and purchase
  4. Upload creative for approval by Fliphound
  5. Ad goes live on billboard as scheduled


Fliphound Contracts offer additional flexibility for sign owners and allow them to sell ad space on digital and static billboards in advance subject to certain operator set parameters. This is a more sophisticated version of package sales.

Advertisers can select boards, target their advertising, set their start and end dates, choose frequencies for digitals and order vinyls. Everything is pre-paid so there is no more waiting on receivables.


  1. Advertiser sets desired campaign start and end date
  2. Selects individual boards and reviews availability
  3. Adds production if needed
  4. Reviews pricing and makes an offer
  5. Offers await review by board owners
  6. Board owner responses are returned to the advertiser
  7. Advertiser makes final selection on boards
  8. Contract executed
  9. Creative uploaded for approval by Fliphound
  10. Ad goes live on billboard

Real-Time Bidding (Digital Only)

Board owners can enable real-time or non-guaranteed online buying subject to availability, pricing and other owner managed parameters with Fliphound's unique real-time bidding platform. This feature along with Packages provides operators with an immediate online presence and expand your sales team’s product offerings.

Bidding creates a micro-auction before each flip and selects a winner whose ad is then displayed. Advertisers have maximum flexibility to choose when their ads play by time of day, day of the week and overall frequency. Advertisers also can change their creative at any time, subject to Fliphound approval.

Fliphound automates the ad-buying process and let's advertisers self-service their own campaigs.

Integrating your Billboard

Integrating your board with Fliphound eliminates the manual steps of approval and scheduling.

Fliphound seamlessly determines which real-time ad to play and serves it back to the board and processes the accounting on the backend.

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List Your Board & Get Flipping

It only takes minutes to post your boards online. Fliphound registration is easy and FREE so click here to create an account. If you want to get started with automated sales, login to your account and fill out your integration information.

If you board is listed but not enabled for automated sales, you will receive an email when an advertiser expresses interest with instructions on how to complete the registration process and close the deal.


  • Board Portal

    Complete the online sales preparation wizard in for each board you want to enable for sales. You can get started with the wizard by clicking here or by logging into and clicking on Boards in the menu.

  • Bulk Upload

    If you have hundreds or thousands of boards, contact us and we will assist you in uploading your inventory in bulk. You can email us at or click the chat button here and tell us you want to get started using