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59 percent of motorists noticed a digital billboard ad in the past month
Nielson 2016 Billboard Study

Use Outdoor Advertising and Digital Billboards to Attract New Shoppers

More off-line and online retailers are turning to Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising and digital billboards to attract and engage new customers. Outdoor advertising and billboards help thousands of single, multi-store and chain stores position themselves in local markets. Whether you are promoting a store grand opening, new luxury brands or Black Friday sales, retailers are turning to outdoor billboards and digital signs to stand out from the competition.

Brand recall is high among drivers who notice digital billboards, three out of four (75%) respondents recalled seeing a digital billboard in the past month, making this form of retail marketing very successful. Strategically placed in areas of heavy traffic, digital billboards maximize the exposure customers have to your corporate branding and recent sales promotions.

Fliphound is a local online marketing partner and outdoor media specialist that provides digital billboards and LED signs to help you drive store traffic and increase store sales.

For creative inspiration and outdoor ad design ideas search retail organizations in Fliphound’s billboard artwork and ad creative gallery and library or see 30+ of the best and most effective outdoor billboard advertising ad ideas and examples for retailers, online, and ecommerce organizations.

“61% of digital billboard viewers agree digital billboards are a good way to learn about SALES and EVENTS.”
- 2015 Nielsen Digital Billboard Study

Digital Marketing: A Crucial Part of Your Marketing Plan

The retail industry as a whole is jumping at the opportunity to spend more money in exchange for bigger results in their brand marketing.

In 2016, the retail industry will spend $15.09 billion on digital advertising, outspending most of the other top spending industry categories. Why are they spending so much? Because digital advertising works.

And it isn’t just working for certain retailers. Multiple types of retailers are seeing the success of this marketing strategy. Consumer electronic stores, toy shops, sporting good sellers, jewelers, shoe and department stores are just a few among the many who are improving their advertising campaigns through digital and LED billboards. See a case study on how Pandora, a national jewelry chain, is using out-of-home (OOH) and outdoor digital billboard advertising in combination with mobile advertising to increase brand awareness.

Digital outdoor advertising brings your advertising ideas to life, while being more affordable than radio advertising, tv advertising and print advertising (magazine advertising) - see advertising CPM cost comparison data. Outdoor advertising compliments your media mix by enhancing your social media marketing, online marketing, email marketing and internet marketing.

Our easy-to-use, affordable pricing, and dynamic options allow you to place your business on multiple billboards in various locations. And it’s no surprise, the more people who see your ads, the better the results.

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Deliver the Deals

Digital billboard advertising provides retailers, wholesalers and merchants with a dynamic messaging platform to promote businesses, products or sales. Fliphound understands that you constantly have new deals to communicate with shoppers. Whether it’s a new store opening, holiday promotions (e.g., Valentine’s Day sales, 4th of July sales, Labor Day sales, Black Friday sales or Christmas sales) or a month-end closeout, outdoor advertising allows for you to communicate your merchandising to your customers. This is because Fliphound’s digital billboards give you access to update any changes and post your ads up in minutes.

So when all the local middle schoolers need new pairs of shoes or mom needs the best deal she can find on a Thanksgiving turkey, your billboard will be right there, telling them exactly where to go for the best “Back to School” shopping and Thanksgiving sales.

Not only will your billboards help bring customers into your store, but it will also help increase online retail sales. With 2016’s Cyber Monday sales hit an all-time record totaling $3.45 billion according to CNBC, it’s clear that you should want to be a part of this online shopping frenzy. By advertising on a local outdoor billboards and signs, you are seen by potential customers who may not have the time to stop by, but will remember to look you up online later. This introduces them to retail sales you have online, as well as exposing them to your other web marketing.

Adding out-of-home (OOH) billboard advertising to your other ad campaign activities or promotional mix can increase the reach of TV by 18%, Radio by 45%, Social Media 212% and Mobile 316%.

“65 percent of consumers think digital billboards are a good way to learn about new businesses in the area.”
- Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA)

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While at first it may be intimidating to imagine your business on a billboard, Fliphound knows all of the tips for doing it right. We show you the strategic locations for your advertisements so that you can use targeted advertising to bring the heavy traffic from the streets to your store.

Use Fliphound’s billboard cost and impact calculator to search by city, market, or zip for outdoor advertising costs in 600+ cities

The success retailers have seen from using billboards is sure to continue from now into the future. Whether you’re opening a new store or focusing on a certain marketing promotion, Fliphound’s digital billboards make it simple to satisfy your needs. You can pay as you go, manage your marketing campaigns and get your ads up in minutes.

Designed with flexibility in mind, filling your cart with Fliphound will lead customers to fill their cart with you. One click, one network. No contract. Your out-of-home advertising specialist.

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