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91% of US Travelers Notice Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising

Use Out-of-Home Advertising and Digital Billboards to Win Local, State, and National Elections

In today’s campaign world, political advertising is the key to winning, no matter if it is for the presidential race, the federal level for Senate or Congress or a state / local race for governor, mayor or school board president.

Out-of-Home (OOH) political campaign advertising has played critical roles over the years in helping candidates win in local, state and national contests. Fliphound allows candidates and their campaign marketing/advertising agency teams to leverage outdoor digital billboard advertising to target voters with relevant and timely messages.

Outdoor billboard advertising and digital billboards are proven, effective and cost-effective media allowing candidates, campaign teams, and political action committees (PACs) to deliver high impact messages to different audiences in key primary and battleground markets. Learn how one congressional candidate leveraged outdoor advertising to beat out 6 candidates in a very competitive race (outdoor billboard case study). Community leaders can also use outdoor billboard advertising to promote causes or explain positions on local and regional votes and referendums.

For creative inspiration and outdoor ad design ideas search political and campaign advertising in Fliphound’s billboard artwork and ad creative gallery and library or see 20+ of the best and most effective outdoor billboard advertising ad ideas and examples for political campaign and candidate advertising.


Today's voters are online and mobile

To win, you need to be, too. Digital billboards are a tool for cutting edge campaigns and help campaign marketing teams reach voters in real-time.

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising forms a crucial part of the media mix for political campaign messaging. OOH ads are concise and quickly digestible with striking and memorable artwork. The physical, irrevocable presence of OOH media and large format digital displays makes a strong statement that creates confidence in its messaging which is incredibly important to younger voters in a noisy media landscape.

Political campaigns are time-limited, and out-of-home advertising allows campaigns a quick way to brand their candidates, web sites and drive web traffic to support fundraising, grassroots organizing, and information distribution.

Fliphound's all digital billboard platform offers campaign teams real-time flexibility and the ability to change messages on the fly, with no extra costs for message changes, something you can't do with traditional media.

Adding out-of-home (OOH) billboard advertising to your other ad campaign activities or promotional mix can increase the reach of Mobile 316%, Social Media 212% and traditional TV by 18% and Radio by 45%.

Outdoor advertising is perfectly suited as a nonintrusive method of mass communication, delivering concise and digestible messages. When combined well with other media, a political out-of-home advertising campaign can unite an audience, give clarity and create trust among the electorate.

Fliphound has made digital billboards more accessible than ever for political teams and provides unmatched flexibility to deliver real-time messages and integrate social media, geo-targeting, and other innovative marketing techniques.

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Political Advertising Campaign Spend and Costs

Fliphound is affordable and allows political teams to set their own budget and advertise during high drive times or specific days of the week. Fliphound’s national digital billboard network offers excellent coverage to reinforce your message or spread your word in almost every market and during Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

Fliphound’s platform enables campaigns, supporters, PACs and users to support causes and campaigns with a user-friendly system. Fliphound accepts credit cards and is accessible 24/7.

Outdoor advertising costs less than radio, TV or print on a CPM basis and allows you to target voters and other audiences at the right time – see advertising CPM cost comparison data. Fliphound provides transparent pricing, location, proof-of-performance analytics, and the ability to measure campaign effectiveness. To learn more about how you can win votes with digital out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaign see a recent report by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA).

National, state, local politicians and community leaders turn to Fliphound for affordable outdoor billboard advertising. Be sure to keep in mind Federal Election Commission and State Election Commission rules when launching your campaign.

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Fundraising and Building Your Organization

Fundraising is the lifeblood of any campaign and raising money is critical to every successful campaign. Outdoor billboard advertising and digital billboards provide you a cost-effective medium to reach supporters locally and nationally. Fliphound has helped drive more dollars to campaigns and allows you to engage those who matter most to your campaign or cause.

Reach your supporters when they’re looking for you — from different geographies or demographics. Turn their interest into email signups, donations and volunteer hours. Our digital footprint lets you reach soccer moms, young voters or specific ethnic groups with tailored messaging.


Why Fliphound?

Fliphound is perfectly designed for political campaigns and allows campaign professionals to: raise and lower ad spend when they want; reach key voter blocs; target key districts (including congressional districts), constituents and voters; pause and stop ad campaigns; manage campaigns on their time; and verify media placement to ensure all buys aired/ran as placed.

Fliphound helps you reach voters in a complex and fragmented media market with outdoor billboard display and sign advertisements that are always on, not subject to ad blocking technology and reach motorists that are looking for you. Fliphound offers unparalleled media flexibility unlike anything available from any other broadcast platforms.

Whether you’re new to the political process or a seasoned campaign veteran, Fliphound works with you to help you achieve campaign or fundraising goals. That is why leading campaigns and candidates choose Fliphound.


    Target individual, communities, statewide, or national markets easily.


    Upload content in real-time to keep your content current.


    Change advertising on the fly to inform and engage voters.


    Incorporate real-time news, photos, and social media/Twitter feeds into your campaign.

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Use Fliphound’s billboard cost and impact calculator to search by city, market, or zip for outdoor advertising costs in 600+ cities

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