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59 percent of motorists noticed a digital billboard ad in the past month
Nielson 2016 Billboard Study

Location, Location, Location: Use Digital Billboards to Reach Buyers

In today’s real estate world, digital advertising is the key to reaching clients, whether you’re selling a starter cottage to newlyweds or a McMansion. Home buyers are online and want to deal with agents or brokers who are, too.

Today, Fliphound allows agencies and their real estate agents to leverage digital billboard advertising to target would-be buyers with the latest listings, open houses and more.

Even better, digital billboards combined with social media and internet advertising can increase your exposure and enhance your brand. One study shows buyers need seven “touches” before making a purchase. Expand your contacts beyond your own website, industry sites and social media to “touch” both younger local buyers and those who aren’t tied to their devices 24/7.

Adding out-of-home (OOH) billboard advertising to your overall ad campaign can increase the reach of TV by 18%, Radio by 45%, Social Media 212% and Mobile 316%.

For creative inspiration and design ideas search real estate, residential or commercial in Fliphound’s billboard ad gallery or to click to see 30+ examples of the best, top and most effective real estate billboard ads.

The Price of Success: Less Than You Think

For many real estate professionals, the most surprising thing about Fliphound is how affordable it is. Leverage co-op dollars, or set your own budget. For as little as a few hundred dollars a month agents can to use digital billboards to get their messages out during high-drive times or for a specific period, such as just before an open house.

Outdoor advertising costs less than radio, TV or print on a CPM basis. Fliphound is a pay-as-you-go process that lets you engage buyers and sellers while they’re commuting.

Sure, you’ve got plenty of other options for advertising your real estate business, whether it’s YouTube ads, real estate portals, Google ads or your own website. But digital billboards are colorful, they’re dynamic, and when you work with Fliphound you’re guaranteed transparent pricing, location, proof of performance analytics and the ability to measure campaign effectiveness.

See how a web based agency promotes itself to home buyers and sellers and how a landlord promotes is rental units to prospective renters using billboard advertising.

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Today's Buyers are Online, and Savvy Realtors® Are, Too

Today’s home buyers are online and anxious to work with agents who are tech savvy. Thousands of Realtors® are already leveraging digital billboards to build their brands, attract new clients and showcase properties. Even better, they can’t be skipped over or blocked.

Complement your YouTube ads, Google ads, your spot on Zillow or Trulia. Drive people to your own website or your cell. The colorful flash of a new listing, along with your phone number or website address will inspire would-be buyers to look you up, and that initial contact can often be half the battle.

Digital billboards combined with social media and internet advertising can increase your exposure within your own market. Many buyers are local buyers, and digital billboards are a great way to promote your brand or agency to people in your community.

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A Product You Can't Get Anywhere Else

You already know that billboards work – and have worked for decades. What makes Fliphound special is that it’s taken today’s digital billboard technology and made it user-friendly. Fliphound has built an online digital billboard network that makes reaching new and potential clients easier than ever. Start with any budget, find billboards online and get your ads up in minutes. It’s that simple.

Fliphound’s all-digital billboard platform offers real estate agencies maximum flexibility. Get a new listing? You can change your message in minutes with no extra costs for message changes. Want to move your message to a new location? You can do that, too. Want to deliver real-time messages and integrate them with the rest of your social media? Like to do a little geo-targeting? Let Fliphound help you out with the latest in innovation.

Remember, you control the volume of advertising and the placement. Check out our resources to learn how to incorporate digital billboards into your advertising mix.


    Many buyers are local, so let them know who you are and tell them what you have.


    Complements your offline and online efforts.


    Flexible Messaging: open house schedule or new listings. Get the word out in minutes.


    Digital billboards are the low-cost leaders.

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