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59 percent of motorists noticed a digital billboard ad in the past month
Nielson 2016 Billboard Study

Digital Billboards Invite the World to Your Door

Billboards have always played a role in promoting the hospitality industry. Thousands of resorts, hotels, airlines, tour companies and travel service providers use billboards and outdoor advertising, in addition to internet and print advertising, to connect with travelers and guests. Whether you’re offering travel packages, promoting loyalty programs, marketing a small hotel, resort, casino or conference center, or are a meeting and event planner, you’ve probably at least thought about billboards.

Digital billboards offer immediacy and flexibility that adds spice to whatever aspect of the hospitality market you’ve decided to promote. Want to promote your website? Perhaps you’d rather tell them about new guest rooms or new ownership or upgraded connectivity or target potential guests hoping to blend business and pleasure. Maybe you’re generating a little publicity by sponsoring a local charitable event. You can even use billboards to recruit staff. Whatever your message, with drivers spending up to 15 hours a week in their vehicles, billboards offer a premium way for travelers to see your message in a way they can’t ignore.

Sure, drivers may only see your message for a few seconds as they’re driving by. But, unlike many other industries, marketing for resorts and travel services relies on high-resolution images. A well-chosen image and a few words with impact and that’s all that’s necessary to get viewers minds off their commutes and thinking about places they’d rather be, whether it’s for a long weekend, a longer vacation (or local staycation), or just someplace away from the office for that next seminar or team-building exercise.

Digital Marketing Adds Color on People’s Dreams

While the average would-be traveler is much more likely today to rely on a Google search than on flipping through the pages of a magazine for information and ideas, digital billboards are already proving their worth. One of the best examples is with Atlantic City, where the casino and hotel owners have saturated the Atlantic City Expressway with both static and electronic billboards to reach the more than 66 million drivers who cover the route between there and New York every year. Depending on the property, the boards are used for everything from branding to highlighting the lineup for a casino’s nightly entertainment.

Casinos, with their hotels, conference centers, restaurants and other amenities, may represent the glitz and glam of the hospitality trade, but there’s nothing more wholesome than a vacation in northwoods Wisconsin. How does the Wisconsin Hotel & Lodging Association tell residents of the state’s largest cities about what it has to offer? Digital billboards, of course. The organization is so sold on the boards that it offers its own list of billboard locations, availabilities and prices to its members as part of its marketing package. Even if you don’t have an association that’s looking out for your marketing interests, Fliphound can help you put your name in lights, and in the best locations.

It’s a rare hotel, convention hall or conference center that doesn’t have its own full-color digital display out front to let the general public know what’s going on inside its walls, and give advertising time to those sponsoring the events. However, venues as large as the Colorado Convention Center and the Los Angeles County Fairplex take that a step further. Both offer digital billboards in the general community to publicize upcoming events and allow organizers to give free advertising to those giving their activities a boost with donations of time and money. Talk about telling the public who’s special! Purchase time through Fliphound, and you can do the same, without the cost and long-term contracts of other billboards.

Selling Experiences - One Customer at a Time

Hospitality has gone through some tough times as the economy has come back from the recession. Technology has changed some jobs within it, such as travel agencies. Whether you’re enjoying the glow of a stronger economy or still fighting to find your role in the marketplace, digital billboards from Fliphound can help you affordably target your audience. For instance travelers are looking for agents who can help them find the best deal or a hidden wonder. As a travel agent, you can capitalize on that in your advertisements.

Digital billboards from Fliphound can help you reach your intended audience. Whether your specialty is cheap trips for students or high-end golf vacations, there’s a billboard likely to reach your preferred demographic. People planning a vacation often want to be wowed by high-quality photos and graphics, which are ideal for digital billboards. And, don’t forget you’re selling an experience, not just a place. Choose photos that evoke the calm and relaxation of a beach, or the exhilaration of a ski slope.

Much of your product can be booked with the click of a mouse, so it’s important to target what sets you apart from other agencies and other facilities. Whether you’re close to family amenities, you have a world-class spa or you’re sensitive to the needs and budgets of both corner office execs and their entry level employees, billboards near your hotel or located near businesses can draw attention to your offerings. As one expert advises, “Don’t sell deals: sell experience.”

We’ll Help You Catch Clients’ Imaginations - and the Best Deals

With so much of today’s travel and conference advertising budgets tied up online, help yourself stand out from the crowd with digital billboards. Digital billboards (out-of-home advertising) are on 24/7, and can easily be utilized to direct people to your internet and social media campaigns. However, there’s also nothing like a high-quality photo or image to help get people thinking about that next vacation. At Fliphound, we offer easy-to-buy, easy-to-use billboards that catch the eyes and imaginations of commuters.

Fliphound’s online nationwide digital billboard network makes reaching your preferred clients easy, whether they’re business leaders, families or students, in your community, your state or across the country. Look through our inventory of independently owned digital billboards and decide where you’d like to advertise, then set your budget and design your ad. Whether you’re promoting a special event, a travel package, a new service or simply seeking to boost your overall brand, our digital billboards will let you show them what’s special about you and your business.

  • Make An Impression

    Billboards let commuters see your message in a way they can't ignore.

  • Proven Success

    Hospitality businesses from coast-to-coast are already utilizing digital billboards.

  • Sell Experiences

    It's easy to focus on what sets you apart from your competition -- with photos.

  • Save Time -- And Money

    Fliphound lets you manage your advertising and your budget in a matter of minutes.

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