Create Effective Outdoor Billboard Ads - Design Tips

Billboards offer a canvas as bold and bright as your ideas. The out of home medium presents limitless options for creative, visual expression and storytelling. Digital messages are sure to gain the attention of your chosen audience. Effective out-of-home advertisements and designs can influence consumer and business decisions and sell products or services.

Fliphound has included several important references that provide tips and guidelines to help you create effective and engaging outdoor or DOOH ads.

  • Digital Billboard Design Specifications Guide

    This guide shows business owners, creative and market teams how to design effective digital billboard advertisements. Learn more about choosing fonts, assessing your artwork, and building digital creative for different sized digital displays. See real examples of well executed ads and how images are best displayed on billboards, how viewing distance and readability matters.

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  • Creating Award Winning Outdoor Advertising OAAA 2000

    This guide provides insights for designing effective out-of-home advertising.
    Learn about the Obie Awards

    the creative challenge of storytelling using billboards, tactical design techniques and get other helpful tips to ensure your ad is effective.

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  • Creative Color Combinations OAAA

    This one page brief guide shows how color combinations, contrast, and readability can affect billboard ads.

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  • Design Guide Creating Effective Out of Home Advertising OAAA 2009

    This comprehensive study highlights important guidelines for creating effective billboard advertisements. This is a great background for anyone new to outdoor advertising or someone seeking a refresher on how to create great and effective outdoor advertisements.

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  • OOH Production Creative Webinar OAAA 2009

    This presentation provides guidelines for preparing static (vinyl) and digital billboard advertisements and messages. Includes details on: basic production and art, resolution requirements, file specifications and output preparation, printing process and creating content for digital billboards.

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