What is a Flip?

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Flip is an ad that displays for between six and eight (6-8) seconds on an outdoor digital billboard or digital display that is part of play loop that last approximately one (1) minute. A Flip is also known as an ad spot or ad message. Digital billboard are generally divided into eight full slots that are usually sold to six to eight (6-8) advertisers. For illustrative purposes, think of the display as a large slide show with your advertising showing in a sequence of ads for about 6 to 8 seconds each time. To calculate the number of flips available per day take 86,400 seconds in a day (24x60x60) and divide that by 64 (8 advertisers or slots multiplied by 8 seconds) the total available flips on billboard per day is 10,800. A full slot is 10,800 divided by 8 or 1,350 flips. Many outdoor companies only sell full slots or full legs to outdoor advertisers. The Fliphound platform is designed to allow operators to sell a broader product line at different price points to advertisers - for example, when implemented advertisers can buy full slots (ad plays approximately every minute), half slots (ad plays approximately every two minutes) and quarter slots (ad plays approximately every 4 minutes) making outdoor advertising available to a wider group of advertisers.

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