What is a Premiere Square?

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Premiere Square

A premiere square is standardized out-of-home (OOH) display format measuring 25'5” wide x 24'6” high in overall size. The premiere square utilizes a single sheet vinyl face stretched over two stacked poster panels. In some markets, this same technique can be applied to stacked junior poster panels typically measuring 12’ 6"x 12’ 1" in overall size. Premiere squares are located chiefly in high trafficked commercial and industrial areas on major local roads in virtually all markets (cities/towns). They are viewed principally by people in automobiles or pedestrians and deliver exposure to residents and to commuter traffic. Premiere squares allow outdoor advertisers to: utilize highly visible and impactful displays, deliver high reach and frequency over an extended period of time and when available use extensions and unique embellishments for additional impact.

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