What is Geofencing?

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Geo-Fencing refers to drawing a virtual barrier around a location (or billboard) using mobile device global positioning system (GPS) or computer Internet Protocol (IP) data and addresses, which is just like your virtual address. A Geofence can be a predefined set of boundaries, like a radius around an advertiser location (anywhere from a mile to state-wide), a billboard, or out of home (OOH) ad. Ads inside of geo-fenced areas can be seen on computer, tablet, or mobile devices as potential customers are when they access their phone or browse the web. Technically, geo-fencing can be any size radius from a particular location, anywhere from a mile to state-wide. But most people when they are referring to geo-fencing are looking for a very tight radius around a location. Geofenced advertising can activate or display mobile content or ads to the person inside the geo-fenced radius to alert them of a local deal or the distance you are from a particular store location. With geo-fencing outdoor advertisers have the opportunity to combine the impact of OOH at a specific location with precise mobile targeting at that same location to a variety of audiences. If you are interested in advertising to a population of all ages and all interests, geo-fencing is perfect for you.

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