What is Unreserved Inventory?

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Unreserved Inventory

Unreserved inventory (also known as remnant ad inventory or remnant space) is ad space on a digital signage network, billboard or other out-of-home format that has not been sold. It is rare for any out-of-home media operator’s inventory to be 100% occupied at any given time, the available unsold inventory varies by operator (or network), market, format and time of the year. Fortunately for the out-of-home (OOH) industry capacity is limited due to scarcity of sign and billboard assets, permitting rules and legal regulations. On the web where ad capacity is expanding rapidly and inventory appears to be unlimited, this unsold this inventory is purchased through automated ad platforms within private marketplaces and RTB exchanges. The outdoor industry has been slow to adopt technology but pioneers, like Fliphound with the first, largest, open and public digital billboard network, are helping digital billboard owners tap into new advertisers and revenue.

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