30+ Effective Legal Billboard Ad Examples & Templates

Billboard viewers (83%) report that they look at the advertising message on a roadside or digital billboard either all, most, or some of the time
Nielson 2017 Report

Fliphound has assembled 30+ of the best, most creative, memorable, eye-catching and effective billboard advertisements, ideas, and example ads from the legal industry which are sure to get your attention. We hope they will provide creative inspiration for you and your marketing, design, or graphics team.

Out-of-home (OOH) digital billboard advertising and digital billboards can be a very effective and creative medium for law firms and attorneys. Use outdoor advertising campaigns to increase brand recognition and create awareness for the firm or practice expertise. Being seen across multiple platforms not only creates awareness of your firm, but conveys credibility.  Billboard ads allow you to speak to the same group of people on a daily or weekly basis for a low CPM.

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1. Better Call, John!

Advertiser: Smith and Smith

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Attorney, Sole Practitioner

Reference Id: FHLEG00001

Great way to promote your firm and brand with humor leveraging classic HBO TV series.

2. Don't Settle For Just Any Lawyer

Advertiser: Smith Legal

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Law firm, Attorney

Reference Id: FHLEG00002

Short, concise and memorable ad leveraging legal terms to reinforce your brand and drives audience to your web site.

3. Attorney Branding

Advertiser: John J. Smith

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Litigator, sole practitioner, attorney

Reference Id: FHLEG00003

Simple branding to drive name recognition with parties seeking well known attorney, litigator, or sole practitioner.

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4. Child Custody Attorney - They'll Do What Is Right

Advertiser: Smith and Smith Legal

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Child custody, divorce, family law attorney

Reference Id: FHLEG00014

Brings emotions to the ad by visually sympathizing with a mother's parental protection instincts and promotes the firm, its child custody practice expertise, and appeals to others facing similar situations.

5. OOPS Divorce Attorney

Advertiser: Smith and Smith

Agency: Fliphound

Tags: Divorce attorney, family law

Reference Id: FHLEG00004

Uses humor and creative graphical image to design a memorable ad that brands a leading divorce firm or attorney.

6. We Help Workers Legal Services

Advertiser: Smith and Smith Law Firm

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Attorney, workman's compensation, lost wages, disability, personal injury

Reference Id: FHLEG00015

Visually displays a common construction site with workplace incident and highlight's the law firm's expertise in labor law, workman's compensation, disability, and person injury.

7. Creditors Calling? Facing Foreclosure?

Advertiser: Smmith and Smith

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Bankruptcy, credit, foreclosure, attorney

Reference Id: FHLEG00017

Informative ad that promotes the law firm's practice expertise at time when the consumer is seeking direction, help, and guidance to deal with stressful personal finance issues.

8. Protect Your Rights

Advertiser: Smmith Legal

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Attorney, Sole practitioner, Contract and real estate law

Reference Id: FHLEG00025

Communicates how the attorney stands up for your legal rights.

9. Need Debt Relief? Legal Services

Advertiser: Smmith Legal

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Bad Debt, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Attorney

Reference Id: FHLEG00018

Use powerful image to portray the stress related to financial challenges and let the consumer know expert advice is available from your firm.

10. When Family Matters Become Legal Matters

Tags: Family law attorney

Reference Id: FHLEG00022

Promotes firm's family law expertise and their experience in dealing with family and generational legal issues.

11. Medical Mistake Malpractice

Advertiser: Smith and Smith Law

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Medical, Healthcare, Malpractice law, attorney

Reference Id: FHLEG00029

Uses image of trouble in medical center to highlight the doctor or hospital's legal exposure and the firm's expertise in this area.

12. Terminated or Fired?

Advertiser: Smith and Smith

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Employment attorney, labor law

Reference Id: FHLEG00028

Uses troubling image of person caring their belongings out of their office as a sign of being fired or losing a job. The law firm promotes its brand and expertise in dealing with labor and employment law issues.

13. Personal Injury Attorney Branding

Advertiser: Smith and Smith

Agency: Fliphound,. LLC

Tags: Personal injury attorney, litigator

Reference Id: FHLEG00027

Simple branding and personal image outdoor advertising template for personal injury lawyers.

14. Tried everything to save your marriage, now save yourself

Tags: Divorce attorney and family law

Reference Id: FHLEG00026

Empathizes with potential clients who have tried everything to save their marriage but lets them know now they need to take legal action.

15. Got Debt?

Advertiser: Smmith and Smith Legal

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Personal finance attorney, bankruptcy

Reference Id: FHLEG00023

Promotes firm and its expertise to individuals experiencing financial hardship and bankruptcy.

16. Pulled Over? Call Roger

Advertiser: Roger Falk

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Driving violations, criminal defense

Reference Id: FHLEG00341

Local attorney using powerful image to remind drivers who get ticketed of his expertise in these police and law matters.

17. Car Accident - Legal Questions?

Advertiser: Smmith Law

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Personal injury attorney, auto

Reference Id: FHLEG00016

Visually displays an accident, assumes someone is injured and shows a law firm's willingness to answer questions and review your legal rights.

18. Free Legal Consultation

Advertiser: Nagel Law Firm


Tags: Personal injury, criminal defense

Reference Id: FHLEG00338

Atlanta area attorney promoting his expertise in personal injury and criminal defense.

19. When Their TXT Becomes Your OMG....

Advertiser: Brave Law Firm


Tags: Texting, driving, cell phone, moving violation

Reference Id: FHLEG00336

Local attorney using simple but engaging ad copy to let violators know who to call when they get ticketed for driving and texting.


Advertiser: Smith and Smith

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Criminal attorney

Reference Id: FHLEG00019

Promotes attorney and the firm's areas of legal expertise - DWI, shoplifting, drugs and all tickets.

21. Injured? No Fee Guaranteed.

Advertiser: DeVaughn James


Tags: Injury lawyers

Reference Id: FHLEG00340

Personal injury law firm promoting its no fee guarantee to prospective clients that have injuries.

22. Shannon L. Cooper, Attorney Branding

Advertiser: Shannon Cooper, Attorney at Law


Tags: Criminal defense, family law

Reference Id: FHLEG00342

Outdoor advertisement being used by local attorney for branding and to highlight her areas of legal expertise.

23. Difficult Divorce Decisions?

Advertiser: Smmith Legal

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Divorce Attorney, Family Law

Reference Id: FHLEG00020

Text ad that highlights lawyer's divorce expertise.

24. In A Crash, Need Cash? - Legal Ad

Advertiser: Client Template

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Personal injury attorney

Reference Id: FHLEG00024

Outdoor advertising template that promotes a law firm's brand and expertise on personal auto injury matters.

25. Legal Firm Justice Branding Ad

Advertiser: Smith and Smith

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Attorney, sole practitioner, contract and real estate law

Reference Id: FHLEG00021

Simple message to promote firm with classic legal scale of justice image.

26. Legal Problem?

Advertiser: Uncontested Documents

Agency: Client Provided

Tags: Court filings

Reference Id: FHLEG00335

Local legal company using troubling image of young woman in despair to attract clients for its affordable filing and court services.

27. DeVaughn James Wins! Branding Ad.

Advertiser: DeVaughn James


Tags: Personal injury

Reference Id: FHLEG00337

Local personal injury firm promoting their brand and success to prospective clients.

28. Happy Canada Day! Legal Branding

Advertiser: Shannon Cooper, Attorney at Law


Tags: Canadian holiday branding

Reference Id: FHLEG00293

Local attorney using Canadian flag for branding and to attract Canadian clients.

29. Legal Firm Branding Ad

Advertiser: Arif & Montemayor, Attorneys


Tags: Criminal defense, immigration, bankruptcy

Reference Id: FHLEG00339

Local law firm promoting their brand and areas of expertise.

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