20+ Billboard Ad Ideas & Examples Insurance Agencies

Billboard viewers (83%) report that they look at the advertising message on a roadside or digital billboard either all, most, or some of the time
Nielson 2017 Report

Fliphound has assembled 20+ of the best, most creative, memorable, must-see, eye-catching, and effective billboard advertisements and example ads from the insurance and risk management industries which are sure to get your attention. We hope they will provide creative inspiration for you and your marketing, design, or graphics team.

Out-of-home (OOH) digital billboard advertising digital billboards can be a very effective, affordable, and creative medium to promote your brand, generate new client leads, and promote your products life, business, general liability, property and casualty and other lines of insurance. Digital outdoor advertising campaigns are a great way to target and engage audiences in specific neighborhoods or income levels. Outdoor billboard advertising cost less on a CPM basis than TV, radio and print.<

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1. United Healthcare and Agent Branding

Advertiser: United Healthcare, Jeff Wilson


Tags: Co-op advertising, financial services

Reference Id: FHINS00244

Cooperative branding advertising by insurance company and agent using phone number, agent photo, and corporate approved ad template.

2. We Shop the Top 30 Insurance Companies in the USA!

Advertiser: IPK (Insurance Partners Kansas), Quotemycars.com


Tags: Car, auto, ecommerce

Reference Id: FHINS00245

Local insurance company promoting its car insurance products, capabilities, web site, and ability to get auto insurance pricing online.

3. Save a Bundle With A Double - Home + Auto

Tags: Car, residential real estate

Reference Id: FHINS00247

Cooperative branding advertising by Allstate and top producing local agent using phone number, agent photo, and corporate approved ad template.

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4. Health Insurance Suck WhenYou Pay Too Much

Advertiser: Quoteplans.com


Tags: Healthcare, ecommerce

Reference Id: FHINS00246

National insurance comparison and ecommerce site using image and provocative message to promoting its capabilities and attract online visitors.

5. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Agent Branding

Advertiser: Anthem Health Insurance Company, Jeff Wilson


Tags: Medical, dental, vision, Medicare

Reference Id: FHINS00248

Cooperative branding advertising by leading healthcare insurance company and agent using phone number, agent photo, and corporate approved ad template.

6. Protect Your World Insurance

Advertiser: Allstate, Kevin "Scooby" Hutchins

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Coverage, home, auto, life, retirement

Reference Id: FHINS00208

Simple corporate insurance and financial services branding message promoting agent and company.

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