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Fliphound has assembled 20+ of the best, most creative, memorable, eye-catching and effective billboard advertisements, ideas, and example media, entertainment and sports ads which are sure to get your attention. We hope they will provide creative inspiration for you and your marketing, design, or graphics team.

Out-of-home (OOH) digital billboard advertising and digital billboards can be a very effective, affordable, and creative medium to promote your brand, let audiences know about events or upcoming shows. Digital outdoor advertising campaigns are a great way to generate excitement, engage audiences and shine a light on what you have to offer.

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1. Forever Royal Salute to World Series Champions Kansas City Royals

Advertiser: Fliphound, LLC

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Baseball, live sports, sponsorship, Twitter

Reference Id: FHMED00132

Local companies, Atomic Billboards and Fliphound, celebrating the KC Royals world series championship with community using trending and popular tweet.

2. Welcome Back Country Music

Advertiser: Hank FM Legends of Country


Tags: Radio format, programming change

Reference Id: FHMED00110

Promoting re-positioning of a radio station and changing programming format back to country music.

3. Broadway Show Wicked Opens This Week

Advertiser: Wicked & Century II Concert Hall

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Theater, play, musical, special event

Reference Id: FHMED00108

Pre-show marketing and promotional ad using well known show images to announce opening of Broadway Show Wicked in local community.

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4. Let it Go Song Promotion

Advertiser: Forever August Entertainment, LLC


Tags: Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify

Reference Id: FHMED00111

New song and artist promotion driving music fans and listeners to leading app stores, music streaming service, and music stores.

5. Got Music Lessons?

Advertiser: Violin Judy - ViolinJudy.com


Tags: Music instrument, education, training, classes

Reference Id: FHMED00129

Simple relevant colors and clean message using musical instrument visuals and web site to promote violin, piano and other music lessons to potential students.

6. Bill Maher Stand Up Comedy Show

Advertiser: Bill Maher & Century II Concert Hall


Tags: Special events, live show

Reference Id: FHMED00133

Bill Maher live stand-up comedy tour ticket and event promotion to fans and prospective attendees.

7. Bob Seger Concert

Advertiser: Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Intrust Bank Arena


Tags: Concert, band, special event

Reference Id: FHMED00114

Promoting ticket sales for Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band for upcoming local concert at large arena.

8. College Basketball Team Promotion

Tags: NCAA college basketball, Twitter, sports

Reference Id: FHMED00127

Co-branded ad using recognizable logos and player photos to promote college basketball team to fans and twitter followers.

9. Fan Fest Special Event Promotion

Advertiser: Sports Authority


Tags: Sports, basketball, special event

Reference Id: FHMED00112

Local sport store promoting summer women's basketball league to fans and the local community.

10. Holiday Performance of Nutcracker Ballet

Advertiser: Ballet Wichita & Century II Concert Hall

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Ballet, broadway show, special event

Reference Id: FHMED00135

Holiday promotion of world famous " The Nutcracker" ballet using characters and costumes to promote the event and ticket sales.

11. National Network News Political Coverage

Advertiser: ABC News, KAKE TV


Tags: Election, voters, prime time news

Reference Id: FHMED00130

National and local television promotion of their political and election coverage by local and national newscasters.

12. Re-positioning of Radio Station and Programming

Advertiser: WAY-FM 90.7


Tags: Christian genre station media, religion

Reference Id: FHMED00128

Re-positioning of local Christian radio station to existing and potential listeners.

13. Shop. Save. Support Big Deals Radio Show

Advertiser: 99.7 Lite FM. LiteWichita.com


Tags: Shopping promotion

Reference Id: FHMED00123

Local radio station promoting local shopping event and big savings and deals.

14. NBA Basketball Game Thunder versus Raptors

Advertiser: OKC Thunder, Toronto Raptors, Intrust Bank Arena


Tags: NBA basketball, live special event

Reference Id: FHMED00134

Ticket sale promotion of upcoming live NBA game to local and regional professional basketball fans.

15. Science Saturday Eclipse Radio Show

Advertiser: KMUW 89.1


Tags: Radio programming, science, eclipse

Reference Id: FHMED00124

Local radio show promoting Science Saturday programming and an eclipse party.

16. Swing into Spring Sporting Goods Sale

Advertiser: A-OK aokcenter.com


Tags: Retail, sporting goods, entertainment

Reference Id: FHMED00125

Local retailer uses golf image to promote spring sporting goods sale to sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

17. WSU NCAA Basketball Live Score Update Local Restaurant Sponsorship

Advertiser: Papa Murphy Pizza, Wichita State University, Fliphound

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Dynamic content, live score updates

Reference Id: FHMED00136

Papa Murphy's, a local pizza restaurant, teaming with Fliphound, the leading online digital billboard network, to provide a live scoreboard and pizza giveaway to local fans during march madness.

18. Professional Indoor Soccer Game Ticket Promotion

Advertiser: B-52s American Indoor Professional Soccer Team


Tags: Arena Soccer League

Reference Id: FHMED00126

Professional indoor soccer team ticket and game promotion.

19. Chip Reynolds New Album

Advertiser: Chip Reynolds, Musician


Tags: Songwriter, music

Reference Id: FHMED00113

Promotes musician's brand, new album, web site, and his personality visually to his fans and music lovers.

20. NCAA Women's and Men's Basketball Games

Advertiser: Denny Foster Premier Center


Tags: Men's, women's, college basketball

Reference Id: FHMED00131

Local arena promoting upcoming women's and men's college basketball games.

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