20+ Political Billboard and Out Of Home Advertising Ads and Ideas

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Fliphound has assembled 20+ of the best, most creative, memorable, eye-catching and effective outdoor billboard advertisements, ideas, and example ads that have helped candidates win national, state, local and municipal primaries and elections which are sure to get your attention. We hope they will provide creative inspiration for you and your marketing, design, or graphics team.

Out-of-home (OOH) digital billboard advertising and digital billboards can be a very effective, affordable, and creative medium to promote your brand, let audiences know where your branch is located, trigger campaign issue discussions, or to learn more about your political views and positions. Digital outdoor advertising campaigns are a great way to engage audiences, clarify your message, and target voters on a variety of issues.

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1. Political Candidate Promotional Advertisement

Advertiser: Hesttonstrong.com


Tags: Twitter hashtag political promotion

Reference Id: FHPOL00263

Local candidate combining outdoor advertising with social media and Twitter to promote his candidacy to voter and to follow his hashtag to be informed about his activities and election views.

2. County Commissioner Campaign David Dennis

Advertiser: David Dennis

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: County commissioner, vote, election

Reference Id: FHPOL00249

Local republican candidate running for county commissioner promoting his candidacy and encouraging registered voters to go to the polls and vote with a billboard advertisement.

3. Township Committee Campaign

Advertiser: Stacey Ewald

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Local, office, candidate branding

Reference Id: FHPOL00259

Local candidate using simple message to promote and build name recognition with local voters and commuters.

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4. Judge Political Campaign Ad

Advertiser: Roush for Judge


Tags: Judicial election

Reference Id: FHPOL00266

Local candidate using bold colors on out-of-home ad to promote his candidacy and encourage local voter turnout.

5. Political Amendment Vote

Advertiser: No on S Committee


Tags: Election amendment, special vote, PAC

Reference Id: FHPOL00267

Local nonprofit organization using simple billboard message to promote their position on taxes and public safety amendment and issue to local voters.

6. Sam's The Man Mayoral Race Branding

Advertiser: Sam Williams


Tags: Mayor candidate

Reference Id: FHPOL00411

Local candidate using simple and concise branding message to connect with voters prior to the election.

7. Vote Yes To Keep Water Rates Low

Advertiser: Yes Wichita Campaign


Tags: Local issue vote

Reference Id: FHPOL00412

Proponents and supporters of voting yes on local water measure using clear and concise billboard message to engage and appeal to voters who want to keep water rates low.

8. Vote No On State Supreme Court Issue

Advertiser: Kansas For Justice


Tags: State court, legal, PAC

Reference Id: FHPOL00265

Local state justice political action committee (PAC) using simple billboard message to promote their position on a supreme court legal issue to local voters.

9. Linda Kirby Candidate Branding

Advertiser: Linda Kirby


Tags: Judge election

Reference Id: FHPOL00421

Local candidate using billboard ads to get her name in front of voters for judicial race.

10. Todd Tiahrt Congressional Race Branding

Advertiser: Todd Tiahrt


Tags: Congressional election

Reference Id: FHPOL00417

Local congressman branding his name with voters prior to the election.

11. Micheal Capps School Board Candidate Branding

Advertiser: Michael Capps


Tags: School board vote

Reference Id: FHPOL00416

Two color election branding ad for local school board candidate.

12. State Treasurer Campaign

Advertiser: Carmen Alldritt


Tags: State election, vote

Reference Id: FHPOL00261

State Treasurer candidate using outdoor advertising to promoter her brand and name to local voters.

13. Congressman Political Campaign

Advertiser: Ron Estes


Tags: Voting day, polling

Reference Id: FHPOL00260

Local congressional candidate uses simple last day outdoor advertising message to promote voter turnout and get his name in front of voters.

14. Jeff Blubaugh Branding

Advertiser: Jeff Blubaugh


Tags: City council election

Reference Id: FHPOL00422

Local candidate using outdoor advertising to get his name out in front of voters in city council race.

15. Shultz Candidate Branding

Tags: Branding, insurance commissioner election

Reference Id: FHPOL00420

Local candidate using billboard advertising to get his name out in front of voters for the insurance commissioner race.

16. Kickstart Economic Renaissance Republican Challenge

Advertiser: AppliedCreativelogic.com


Tags: Local economy promotion

Reference Id: FHPOL00253

Local organization using outdoor advertising to promote economic growth and a challenge event to business professionals throughout the state of Kansas.

17. Stand Together Feel the Bern

Advertiser: BernieSanders.com


Tags: Presidential election, democratic

Reference Id: FHPOL00264

Democratic presidential candidate promoting campaign slogan and out-of-home advertising to build momentum in local grass roots campaign.

18. U.S. Senate Congressional Branding Campaign

Advertiser: Brian D. Goldberg


Tags: Senator campaign

Reference Id: FHPOL00426

U.S. candidate promoting his brand and run for the senate to local voters on digital billboards.

19. A 14% increase on taxes on nearly everthing you buy. Vote No on Sales Tax.

Advertiser: No on Sales Tax Campaign


Tags: Social issue, sales tax

Reference Id: FHPOL00427

Opponents of sales tax vote sharing details of the cost increases to voters if sales tax vote is approved.

20. School Board Candidate Branding Go Shockers!

Advertiser: Josh Blick


Tags: School board, sport

Reference Id: FHPOL00413

Local candidate using his support of a local sporting team to win favor from voters in his school board campaign.

21. Bond...Gary Bond

Advertiser: Gary Bond


Tags: Branding

Reference Id: FHPOL00423

Simple name branding messaging by local candidate.

22. County Commissioner Campaign Dion Avello

Advertiser: Dion Avello

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Local county election

Reference Id: FHPOL00252

Colorful billboard advertisement promoting local candidate to voters for county commissioner seat.

23. Re-election Billboard Branding

Advertiser: Joe Edwards


Tags: House of Representative election

Reference Id: FHPOL00425

Local congressman promoting his re-election advertising campaign on digital billboards.

24. Judge Political Campaign

Advertiser: Cal Maughan for Judge


Tags: Election, vote

Reference Id: FHPOL00262

Local judge promoting his candidacy and Facebook page to potential supporters.

25. Keep Pete More Red Carpet Less Red Tape

Advertiser: Pete Meitzner


Tags: City council, election

Reference Id: FHPOL00414

Incumbent candidate promoting his brand and position of less red tape to voters in local city council race.

26. $1,200 More For Them & $1,200 Less For Your Family Vote No on Sales Tax

Tags: Local sales tax measure

Reference Id: FHPOL00418

Opponents of sales tax increase using statistics and costs to engage with voter who are or should be against the increase in sales tax.

27. Attack or Negative Political Ad

Advertiser: Keith Humphrey

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: State election, attack OOH ad

Reference Id: FHPOL00250

State Treasurer candidate using a billboard attack ad (also know as negative ad campaign) to compare his political opponent to the incumbent governor.

28. 500 Jobs Lost in Sedgwick County Bingo Let Us Vote on Slots

Advertiser: Susan Wagle


Tags: Casino, slots

Reference Id: FHPOL00424

Local congresswoman raising casino and slots issue and job losses with constituents using outdoor advertising.

29. Not Me Us Bernie Sanders Ad

Advertiser: Averagevoter.org


Tags: Presidential election, democratic

Reference Id: FHPOL00251

Political action committee (PAC) outdoor ad encouraging voters to attend a caucus for a democratic presidential candidate.

30. Stop the Bundling Vote No on the Sales Tax

Advertiser: No on Sales Tax Campaign


Tags: Sales tax vote

Reference Id: FHPOL00419

Opponents of sales tax measure use billboard ads to promote their position and sway voters in their direction in advance of the vote.

31. Obama Endorsing Hillary Campaign

Advertiser: Obama Clinton


Tags: Political endorsement, presidential election

Reference Id: FHPOL00254

Local supporters of Hillary Clinton promoting President Obama's endorsement of her for the presidential election.

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