20+ of Best Billboard Ad Ideas Special Events and Promotions

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Nielson 2017 Report

Fliphound has assembled 20+ of the best, most creative, memorable, eye-catching and effective billboard advertisements, ideas, and example ads for special events and all types of promotions which are sure to get your attention. We hope they will provide creative inspiration for you and your marketing, design, or graphics team.

Out-of-home (OOH) digital billboard advertising and digital billboards can be a very effective, affordable, and creative medium for special events, grand openings, fundraisers and other promotions. Outdoor advertising campaigns are a great tool to convince a large and diverse audience to attend your upcoming event and let audiences know what you are promoting. Billboard advertising also can help your organization showcase your brand's personality, let an audience know why your event is worth attending, and get customers excited to participate and attend.

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1. Butterfly Festival Botanical Gardens

Advertiser: Botanica


Tags: Outdoor event, garden festival

Reference Id: FHSPE00106

Recognizable and real visual showing a butterfly and what attendees can expect to see at their venue or their event.

2. Earth Day Celebration and Event

Advertiser: Earth Fest 7

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Earth festival

Reference Id: FHSPE00165

Earth day promotion will simple message including date, time and location.

3. Fireworks Tonight Event

Advertiser: Bob FM 97.1

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Fireworks, riverfest

Reference Id: FHSPE00171

Timely message co-sponsored by local radio station to potential attendees and interested parties about Firework show tonight.

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4. College Pumpkin 5K Run

Advertiser: Wichita State University


Tags: Running race, athletics

Reference Id: FHSPE00173

State university promoting community 5k road race to community and its students.

5. Prairie Fire Run and Half Marathon

Advertiser: Prairie Fire Marathon, Via Christi Health

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Sports, running race

Reference Id: FHSPE00175

Promotion of marathon, half-marathon, and 5K by local race organizer and its co-sponsor local healthcare organization.

6. 39th Annual Midwest Toy Show

Advertiser: Greater Midwest Toy Show, Ramkota Exhibit Hall


Tags: Toy show, trade event, convention

Reference Id: FHSPE00160

Promotion of 36th annual toy show to attendees and the community.

7. Bunny Bonanza Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Advertiser: Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Animal, wildlife

Reference Id: FHSPE00172

Local venue promoting annual bunny day event to families and kids.

8. Crawloween Bar Crawl Halloween Event

Advertiser: Barcrawls.com


Tags: Bar pub crawl, holiday

Reference Id: FHSPE00169

Social web site promoting bar or pub crawls on Halloween in the neighborhood.

9. Summer River Festival Thank You!

Advertiser: Riverfest 2017

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Thank you, special event

Reference Id: FHSPE00163

Local festival thanks visitors and patrons for attending its 2017 event and announces dates for 2018.

10. Venue for Special Events

Advertiser: All Star Sports Entertainment Center

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Event center, venue

Reference Id: FHSPE00168

Local event center promoting its venue for corporate events and parties.

11. Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus

Advertiser: Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey, Intrust Arena

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Circus, tour

Reference Id: FHSPE00170

Promotion of the "Greatest Show On Earth" show and ticket sales by leading circus companies.

12. AttendMeeting.com Kansas Business Network

Advertiser: Kansas Business Network Association

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Business network, trade

Reference Id: FHSPE00161

State community business network promoting their trade and marketing meetings and gatherings to attendees and recruits.

13. Wichita MasterMinds Sign Up Now!

Advertiser: Wichita Masterminds


Tags: Business leadership network, recruiting

Reference Id: FHSPE00162

Local business leadership and networking council recruiting promotion.

14. Food Truck Sunday

Advertiser: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church


Tags: Outdoor fundraising event, food truck

Reference Id: FHSPE00166

Local church promoting food truck gathering to community.

15. Ringo Starr Concert

Advertiser: Ringo Starr, Hartman Arena


Tags: Rock concert, band, music

Reference Id: FHSPE00167

Ringo Starr and his band promoting ticket sales and concert at leading local venue using musician photos.

16. Book Your Event Here

Advertiser: Ninnescah Sailing Association (NSA)

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Nonprofit, event venue, club

Reference Id: FHSPE00159

Local sailing club promoting their facilities for corporate events, weddings, and parties.

17. AppleJack Pumpkin Patch Hours

Advertiser: AppleJack Pumpkin Patch

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Fall festival, pumpkin patch

Reference Id: FHSPE00164

Local pumpkin patch promoting fun filled day for family and kids on Halloween

18. Professional Tennis Tournament

Advertiser: Wichita Tennis Open, WSU Tennis Center


Tags: Sporting event

Reference Id: FHSPE00174

Professional tennis tournament promoting free admission to tennis fans in the event you cannot make it to Wimbledon.

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