30+ Outdoor Billboard Advertising Ideas for Retailers and Sales Promotions

Billboard viewers (83%) report that they look at the advertising message on a roadside or digital billboard either all, most, or some of the time
Nielson 2017 Report

Fliphound has assembled 30+ of the best, most creative, memorable, eye-catching and effective outdoor billboard advertisements, ideas, and example ads that have helped retailers and the retail industry promote awareness of their goods and services businesses and generate sales from their consumers. If you are running a retail business - whether bricks and mortar or online - out of home billboard ads are sure to get the attention of your target customers - we hope these example ads will provide creative and spiritual inspiration for you and your advertising, marketing, design, or graphics team.

Out-of-home (OOH) digital billboard advertising and digital billboards can be a very effective, affordable, and creative medium for your retail sales promotions and to attract foot and web traffic. Digital billboard advertising is a great way to promote your brand, product, place, and prices to mass and targeted audiences. Use outdoor advertising for weekly sales promotions, holiday sales, Cyber Monday or Black Friday events.

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1. Use Your Flex At Specs

Advertiser: Specs Eyewear


Tags: Health insurance, flex spending account

Reference Id: FHRET00377

Local optical company that focuses on fashion, comfort, and vision using timely messaging to encourage consumers to use their flexible spending accounts for eyewear purchases.

2. Pandora Branding

Advertiser: Pandora


Tags: National branding

Reference Id: FHRET00408

National jewelry chain using simple image, good color combination, and message to promote is jewelry collection and Towne East Square location to consumers.

3. Up to 40% Off! Today Only!

Advertiser: Supplement World


Tags: Sales promotion

Reference Id: FHRET00378

Regional health and fitness product and nutrition specialist retailer using digital outdoor advertising to promote its brand to consumers.

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4. Wichita's Running Headquarters

Advertiser: First Gear Running Company


Tags: Branding, sports

Reference Id: FHRET00376

Local running and sports gear company promoting their brand, expertise, and location on outdoor ads to local runners.

5. The Big Day Bridal Show

Advertiser: The Big Day Bridal Show

Agency: 3 Jacks Advertising

Tags: Wedding, special event

Reference Id: FHRET00386

Event sponsor promoting regional bridal show on behalf of exhibitors to prospective attendees.

6. Gentry New Clothing Line Announcement

Advertiser: Gentry Ltd


Tags: Menswear line branding

Reference Id: FHRET00409

Local clothing store using outdoor advertising to announce new men's clothing line.

7. Mattress Sale Sears

Advertiser: Sears Outlet Store


Tags: Sales promotion, home furnishing

Reference Id: FHRET00393

Local retailer using clean ad copy, sharp mattress image, good color combinations, and readable fonts to promote its mattress sale on an outdoor billboard ad to targeted motorists.

8. East Gate Plaza Dress Barn

Advertiser: East Gate Plaza, Dressbarn


Tags: Clothing, dresses, women, mall

Reference Id: FHRET00400

Local clothing retailer using simple message and image to promote dresses for a certain lifestyle - women who enjoy life's pleasures and travel.

9. $20 Unlimited Airbrush Tanning Promotion

Advertiser: HG Tanning Salon


Tags: Personal services, care

Reference Id: FHRET00396

Local tanning salon using attractive woman with tan photo image and good color combinations to promote unlimited airbrush tanning services.

10. A-OK Makes Back To School Easy!

Advertiser: AOK Super Center and Pawn Shop


Tags: Laptop, desktop, tablet, back to school

Reference Id: FHRET00383

Local retail chain promoting back to school computer equipment sales to consumers using simple messaging and clean ad images.

11. Coming Soon..Bottle Craft Liquor Branding

Advertiser: Bottle Craft Liquor


Tags: Beverage, wine, spirits, beer

Reference Id: FHRET00392

New liquor store coming soon branding and grand opening announcement outdoor billboard ad.

12. New Owners! New Pricing!

Advertiser: American Pawn & Guns

Agency: 3 Jacks Advertising

Tags: Buy, sell, trade, retailer

Reference Id: FHRET00403

Local pawn and gun shop using photo images of inventory (jewelry, guns, electronics) to brand and promote new ownership and more affordable pricing on digital billboards.

13. Feeling Lucky? St. Patrick's Day Ad

Advertiser: Patricia's Erotic Boutique


Tags: Adult entertainment, holiday

Reference Id: FHRET00385

Local adult erotic retailer using St. Patrick's day colored images, loving couple image, and lucky word play to promote its brand and products to attract customers.

14. Lucky's Vape Lounge Branding & Grand Opening Promotion

Advertiser: Lucky's Vape Lounge


Tags: Grand opening, new location promotion

Reference Id: FHRET00395

Local vape lounge and retailer promoting new location and grand opening using good font size, color combination, and logo on billboard advertisement.

15. Grand Opening Big Ace Outdoor Store

Advertiser: Williams Ace Hardware


Tags: Store opening, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

Reference Id: FHRET00382

Grand opening promotion using outdoor and social media ad campaigns for new Ace Hardware outdoor store.

16. 55 Years Sale - Up to 55% Off Sales Promotion

Advertiser: Riddle's Jewelry


Reference Id: FHRET00387

17. ACI Design Studio Showroom Closing

Advertiser: ACI Design Studio


Tags: Store closing, inventory clearance

Reference Id: FHRET00402

Local design studio getting word out about their clearance sale using simple store closing message and providing the showroom location.

18. Dress Gallery $99 Bridal Sale

Advertiser: Dress Gallery


Tags: Sales promotion, limited time

Reference Id: FHRET00381

19. Giant Home Fitness Sale

Advertiser: Home Fitness Exercise Equipment Co.


Tags: Gym equipment, exercise

Reference Id: FHRET00405

Home fitness equipment retailer promoting it giant sale and discounts on elliptical equipment on billboards to consumers looking for home gym or work out equipment.

20. Dad's Love Salted Caramel!

Advertiser: Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates


Tags: Food, candy, Bradley Fair mall

Reference Id: FHRET00406

Local chocolate store using an outdoor advertisement with savory salted caramel candy photos to promote candy purchases for father's day.

21. Dress Gallery Branding

Advertiser: Dress Gallery

Agency: 3 Jacks Advertising

Tags: Special event, rental

Reference Id: FHRET00401

Local bridal, prom, and tuxedo clothing store using photo of embracing couple photo and branding to promote special event attire to potential customers.

22. Tarzia Khan Handbag Branding

Advertiser: Tarzia Khan Designer


Tags: Purse, handbag, women

Reference Id: FHRET00397

Handbag designer promoting her brand, web site, and London Red tote to consumers.

23. Upscale Consignment Store Branding

Advertiser: Fantastic Finds


Tags: Clothing, men, women

Reference Id: FHRET00390

Upscale consignment shop branding its store and positioning with men and women customers.

24. A-OK Makes Back To School Easy!

Advertiser: AOK Super Center and Pawn Shop


Tags: String instruments, violins, trumpets

Reference Id: FHRET00389

25. Basset Home Spring Furnishing Sale

Advertiser: Mr. Diggs Dwelling & Co.


Reference Id: FHRET00388

26. Spring Sale - Jewelry Up to 80% Off

Advertiser: Burnell's Fine Jewelry & Design

Agency: RSM Marketing (formerly RSA)

Reference Id: FHRET00391

27. 50% Off Annual Christmas Jewelry Sale

Advertiser: Mike Seltzer Jewelers


Tags: Christmas holiday, jeweler sale promotion

Reference Id: FHRET00394

Local jewelry retailer using sharp and shiny diamond and emerald ring images and photos on black background to promote its 50% off annual Christmas sale.

28. Store-wide Sale Save 20% to 60% On Everything in the Store

Advertiser: Sears Outlet


Tags: Sale promotion

Reference Id: FHRET00399

Local home furnishing retailer store-wide sale promotion using simple and to the point ad.

29. Jody's 5th Avenue Branding

Advertiser: Jody's 5th Avenue Upscale Consignments


Tags: City Walk

Reference Id: FHRET00407

Local consignment store using billboard advertising to brand and promote its business and location.

30. Readers' Choice Award For Jeweler

Advertiser: Mike Seltzer Jewelers

Agency: Client Provided

Reference Id: FHRET00384

31. The Vault Designer Showcase Event

Advertiser: Riddle's Jewelers


Tags: Special financing

Reference Id: FHRET00398

Local jeweler using shiny diamond image to let consumers know of jewelry sale and special financing options.

32. 7 (seven) Year Anniversary Sale!

Advertiser: A Cornacopia, Home Accents, Gifts & Floral


Tags: Furniture, Facebook

Reference Id: FHRET00404

Local home furnishing store using outdoor advertising and digital billboards to promote its 7 year anniversary sale.

33. Gentry Clearance Sale

Advertiser: Gentry Ltd


Tags: Clearance sale

Reference Id: FHRET00410

Retail clothing store end of year clearance sale promotion.

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