20+ Examples of Effective Billboard Ads for Education and Schools

Billboard viewers (83%) report that they look at the advertising message on a roadside or digital billboard either all, most, or some of the time
Nielson 2017 Report

Fliphound has assembled 20+ of the best, most creative, memorable, eye-catching and effective billboard advertisements, ideas, and example ads from public, private, trade, vocational, schools, colleges, and universities which are sure to get your attention. We hope they will provide creative inspiration for you and your marketing, design, or graphics team.

Out-of-home (OOH) digital billboard advertising and digital billboards can be a very effective and creative medium for schools, colleges and universities. Use outdoor advertising campaigns to increase brand recognition and educate prospective students on degrees, graduate placement, or highlight departments, classes, certificates or curriculum. Being seen across multiple platforms not only creates awareness of your firm, but conveys credibility. Billboard ads allow you to speak to the same group of people on a daily or weekly basis for a low CPM.

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1. Cybersecurity jobs KS and USA

Advertiser: URIT.edu

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Cybersecurity jobs, KS, USA, training, education

Uses job growth statistics in the cybersecurity field to demonstrate the opportunity for the school's graduates both locally and nationally.

2. 50% of Kids Cannot Afford Crayons. That is Cray, Cray!

Advertiser: ProjectTeacher.org

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Nonprofit, school supplies, donations

Nonprofit raising community and parent awareness about underfunded school supplies in public schools and the fact that 50% of the students cannot afford crayons.

3. IT Jobs Start Classes Now

Advertiser: URIT.edu

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: IT jobs, training, classes, education, trade, school

The educator is successfully promoting job opportunities to their applicants in the growing technology industry to prospective students.

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4. Earning $65K at only 21

Advertiser: URIT.edu

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: IT jobs, graduates, training, classes, education

Uses case study to show how the institution's students earn high income after graduation.

5. Cybersecurity Job Opportunities Unfilled

Advertiser: URIT.edu

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Cyber security jobs, training, classes, education

Uses case study to show many job opportunities in Cybersecurity are unfilled and how the institution's students earn high income in IT jobs after graduation.

6. Teachers Wanted

Tags: teachers, hiring, jobs

7. Get the IT Skills You Need!

Tags: IT IS jobs, skills, training, classes, education

Explains how the school's training and education can get you high paying jobs in IT, IS and technology.

8. Connect to Success

Advertiser: URIT.edu

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Graduates, training, classes, education

Appeals to prospective students who want skills and connections that will bring success to them professionally.

9. One Type of Education Does Not Fit All Online Onsite

Advertiser: URIT.edu

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Flexible program, degree, online, on campus

Showcases the flexibility of the education by allowing students to study and earn their degree on campus and online.

10. Classroom to Career

Tags: job, career, technical, online

Appeals to prospective students who want an education that leads them to a career.

11. Countdown to Fall Registration

Advertiser: URIT.edu

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Countdown, registration, enrollment

Call to action for prospective students with countdown reminding them that the fall registration is not far away and to sign up today.

12. Money Talks Parents Get Involved

Advertiser: URIT.edu

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Cybersecurity jobs, training, classes, education

Ad appeals to and encourages parents to direct their children to attend the trade school, college or university program that gives them IT and technical (Cybersecurity) skills to earn high income and capitalize on the Cybersecurity job growth.

13. Flexible Classes and Degree Programs

Advertiser: URIT.edu

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Flexible classes, training, diploma

Ad designed to attract full and part-time students or those working full-time who need flexible schedules and classes to complete their degree or program.

14. Shortcut to a Good Life IT Job!

Advertiser: URIT.edu

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: IT jobs, high earning, graduates, training, classes, education

Appeals to everyone who wants a good life and reminds prospective students they need good training and education to get high paying jobs.

15. U are a Pharmacist

Tags: healthcare, pharmacist, job

16. Now Hiring Bus Drivers

Advertiser: First Student


Tags: Jobs, hiring, drivers

Call to action ad - encourages job applicants to apply today for bus driver positions.

17. School of Rock Be Part of the Show!

Advertiser: School of Rock

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: National chain, local franchise, music, instructor

Powerful imagery, catchy tag line, and use of branding to promote local branch of a national music school chain.

18. Spring Classes Start Soon

Advertiser: Baker University


Tags: Branding university, college

Call to action to prospective students reminding them to registration for spring classes.

19. College New Downtown Location

Tags: New location, grand opening

Branding message promoting the grand opening of new downtown school location.

20. WSU Basketball NCAA March Madness

Advertiser: Pizza John's

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Sports, dynamic messaging, march madness

Local community and businesses showing their support of Wichita State University (WSU) in the NCAA college basketball march madness tournament using digital billboards and dynamic messaging to provide scoring updates.

21. Behind the Wheel Driving School

Advertiser: Defensive Driving School


Tags: Driving, teen, drivers, automotive

Branding ad that appeals to parents by promoting defensive driving and special teen pricing.

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