20+ Billboard Ad Ideas & Examples Construction & Home Improvement

Billboard viewers (83%) report that they look at the advertising message on a roadside or digital billboard either all, most, or some of the time
Nielson 2017 Report

Fliphound has assembled 20+ of the best, most creative, memorable, must-see, eye-catching, and effective out of home ads and billboard advertisements for construction advertising, home improvement advertising, landscaping and other businesses which are sure to get your attention. We hope they will provide creative inspiration for you and your advertising, marketing, design, or graphics team.

Out-of-home (OOH) digital billboard advertising digital billboards can be a very effective, affordable, and creative medium to promote your brand, let audiences know about sales, remodeling or product promotions or what services you provide. Digital outdoor advertising campaigns are a great way to engage audiences in a timely fashion for spring planting, after a storm or during summer heat waves. Outdoor billboard advertising cost less on a CPM basis than TV, radio and print.

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1. Roofing Company Branding

Advertiser: Ark Roofing Co


Tags: Residential, home repair

Reference Id: FHCON00230

Out of home advertising roofing company branding with modern image and telephone number.

2. Seamless Guttering Installation & Services

Advertiser: McMillan Seamless Gutters


Tags: Gutters, branding, home

Reference Id: FHCON00239

Local residential gutter company using outdoor advertising for branding and to reach new customers.

3. Looking For A Real, Big Lumber Yard?

Advertiser: Jerry's Home Improvement Center


Tags: Building materials, retail, contractor, DIY

Reference Id: FHCON00236

Uses eye catching elephant image on billboards to show how really big Jerry's Lumber Yard is to customers.

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4. Drippy Faucet? (also Now Hiring)

Advertiser: Bowers Plumbing


Tags: Plumbing, hiring, recruiting

Reference Id: FHCON00242

Local plumbing company promoting its brand and contact information to potential customers and also using the outdoor ad to hire and recruit licensed plumbers.

5. Shane's Custom Paint Works Branding & Summer Special

Advertiser: Shane's Custom Paint Works


Tags: Home, residential painting

Reference Id: FHCON00434

Local painter using outdoor advertising to promote a summer special using bright paint colors images and affordable pricing to get the word out about his painting services to customers and home owners.

6. Are You Ready? Home AC Tune-up

Advertiser: ComfortSystems.net


Tags: Twitter, Facebook, residential

Reference Id: FHCON00241

Local air conditioning (AC) and HVAC service provider using humorous ad image with a dog and fan to promote its services to local customers and drive web traffic to to their Twitter and Facebook pages.

7. Best Priced Cabinets Locally

Advertiser: Farha's Carpet & Building Supply


Tags: Kitchen, bath, residential, home

Reference Id: FHCON00431

Local carpet and building supply provider using an outdoor campaign with colorful images to promote its cabinet line and affordable pricing to home and condo owners.

8. Creative Example Name

Reference Id: FHCON00430

9. Roofing Company Promotion After a Storm

Advertiser: Farha Roofing

Agency: Fliphound, LLC

Tags: Home repair, remodeling

Reference Id: FHCON00207

Simple out of home ad message promoting roofing company services to home owners and potential customers after a storm.

10. Can You See Our Home Expert Exteriors Branding

Advertiser: Expert Exteriors


Tags: Curb appeal, residential real estate

Reference Id: FHCON00429

Local siding company using bold and colorful billboard ad to highlight it home siding capabilities to home owners.

11. Construction company sharing holiday message.

Advertiser: buildersPLUS Construction


Tags: Holiday greetings, Merry Christmas

Reference Id: FHCON00231

Local construction company branding and wishing their clients Merry Christmas at the end of business year.

12. One of the Top 500 Remodelers in the U.S.!

Advertiser: All Seasons Construction, Inc.


Tags: Residential, real estate, kitchen

Reference Id: FHCON00235

Local re-modeler demonstrating its workmanship visually and promoting is top 500 ranking by Qualified Remodelers Magazine to prospective clients in the community.

13. The Kitchen You Want At The Price You Want

Advertiser: Premium Cabinets


Tags: Kitchen, bath, residential, home

Reference Id: FHCON00237

Premium cabinet maker using visual images on an out of home ad to promote its affordable kitchen and bath cabinets to potential customers and home owners.

14. Lawn and Landscaping Services Branding

Advertiser: Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscaping


Tags: Landscaping, lawn, residential

Reference Id: FHCON00428

Lawn and landscaping company using out of home advertising to promote spring clean up, irrigation, fertilizing and weed control services to home owners.

15. Leaky, Clogged or Ugly Gutters?

Advertiser: Go With The Flow Guttering


Tags: Rain, water, storm

Reference Id: FHCON00232

Local service provider using powerful visual outdoor ads to let home owners know who can deal with gutter damage or issues.

16. We Bring the Showroom to You!

Advertiser: Carpet Genie


Tags: Residential carpets, retail

Reference Id: FHCON00238

Local carpet retailer using out of home billboard advertising to promote their services, free estimates and 72 hour installation to targeted audiences.

17. Window Treatment Holiday Sale Going On Now!

Advertiser: The Louver Shop


Tags: Window fashions, retail

Reference Id: FHCON00234

Local shutter, blind and shade store co-branding outdoor ads with leading window treatment manufacturer Hunter Douglas in holiday sale promotion.

18. 30% Tax Credit Go Geothermal: It Pays For Itself!

Advertiser: Alternative Heating & Air, Trane Corporation


Tags: Real estate, residential, home owner

Reference Id: FHCON00433

Geothermal heating and air conditioning provider using coop advertising to promote significant tax credits to customers if they act now.

19. Joe Tucker Professional Painting Branding

Advertiser: Joe Tucker Professional Painting


Tags: House, residential painting

Reference Id: FHCON00432

Local painter getting the word out with painted ad image to targeted audience about painting services and free estimates.

20. Construction, Remodeling & Real Estate

Advertiser: WichitaHomeWorks.com


Tags: Remodeling, home repair, real estate

Reference Id: FHCON00233

General contractor and real estate developer promoting his brand and construction capabilities to prospective customers on digital billboards.

21. Let Me Be Your Home Inspector!

Advertiser: Yourhomeinspector.com


Tags: Real Estate, residential home sales

Reference Id: FHCON00240

Local home inspector promoting his brand and services to home owners and potential home buyers.

22. Tree Triming, Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

Advertiser: Wichita Tree Service


Tags: Landscaping, storm damage

Reference Id: FHCON00243

Out of home advertising branding campaign by local tree trimming service company.

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